(Form) Karnataka Free Laptop Scheme 2020: Registration, Eligibility

(Form) Karnataka Free Laptop Scheme 2020: Registration, Eligibility

The literacy level of any country will define the development level of that country. The literacy in the citizens of the country highly matters of the government of the country. The government is aiming to improve the literacy level of the country as the poverty level will also affect the growth and literacy of the country.

As the poverty level is high in the country, then the development and the illiteracy level will also be increased. This way, the poverty level, and literacy level are connected. To remove poverty and improve the literacy level in the country, the government has given some relief in the scheme.

However, we all know that in India, the Karnataka and Kerala have a high literacy level. That means people who are living in Karnataka is more educated than any other state.

About Karnataka Free Laptop Scheme 2020:

As the heading mentioned that the Karnataka government is giving a free laptop to the students of the state. Students who are studying in the std.12 are eligible for the scheme. However, the Karnataka government will not distribute to all the students of Std.12 in the state.

The students with a good score in the 12th exam will only be eligible for this scheme. Behind this scheme, the government aims to make available modern facilities to the students of the state, and with the help of this scheme, they can study further efficiently. They can do research and analysis on the laptop.

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However, In this critical situation of the pandemic, the students can get the online education from the laptop.

The respective authority of the Karnataka government launches this scheme. This scheme will help the students to do further study. They will drop the idea of dropping study after the 12th. With the help of this scheme, the government will also encourage the students of the Std.12th to take admission to the technical field.

This way, India will get more number of technical people for the R&D. The manufacturing and production department will also be developed through the extended effect of the scheme.

List of courses that are applicable under this scheme:

Not all the Std.12th students will get a free laptop from the government. The student who gets the admission in specified courses will only get the laptop from the government under this scheme.

The government has decided some courses under this scheme for the distribution of laptops. The government will only give the free laptop to the students ho taka the admission in the below courses.

  • Students admitted into medical studies
  • Engineering students will also get benefits
  • The students of the polytechnic colleges
  • The courses of postgraduate

Eligibility criteria of the scheme:

As this scheme is a government scheme, the government has announced the eligibility criteria of the scheme. Every government publishes the criteria of every scheme.

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The eligibility criteria mean the information related to what the requirements of the government to get the advantage of the scheme are. For this scheme, the requirements are as below:

  • The student should be the permanent resident of the Karnataka state.
  • The cast barrier does not apply to this scheme. The advantage of the scheme will be given to all the cast, including the backward category.
  • The essential requirement is the student should get good marks in the examination of the 12th.

Documents required for the application of the scheme:

During the application process of the scheme, the students have to show documents to the government of Karnataka. The government will verify the student’s document with their data.

If the government confirms your document, then the advantage of the scheme will be given to the students. The list of the documents are below:

  • Domicile Certificate of Karnataka
  • Aadhaar card of the student
  • Bank account details
  • Caste certificate of the students
  • Income certificate of the family of the student
  • Passport size photo
  • Educational certificate