Diabetes is a reversible disease, here’s what you didn’t know

Diabetes is a reversible disease, here’s what you didn’t know

When you scroll through multiple websites on the internet, the one thing that you will come across is the fact stating that diabetes is a progressive disease. That is more or less a myth. In case you are struggling with diabetes, know for a fact that it is a reversible disease, but is dependent on the kind of lifestyle habits that you have. That is what makes most of the difference.

Famous nephrologists, Dr. Jason Fung has time and time to say that the kind of treatment that is administered for diabetes now is not fruitful in the long run. The doctors are now treating the symptoms of the disease, which is the high blood sugar levels, and not the disease, which is the insulin resistance.

That said, much like how you opt for reliable strategies and websites like NetBet UK to win a round of the game, there are important strategies in your lifestyle too, changing which can help improve your health for the better. This is what you need to do.

Focus on your diet

Your diet is what causes diabetes. For the most part, diabetes is known as a dietary disease. So, if you can introduce changes to your diet, it will directly impact your overall status of the disease.

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The most basic way to fight insulin resistance is to cut out the excess consumption of carbs, refined sugars from your diet like pasta, pizza, etc. The moment you cut them out, it directly impacts your levels of blood sugar levels, which in turn, help keep your overall well being in check as well.

Try and surround your diet more with whole grain foods and the ones enriched with a lot of vitamins and minerals in it. This is what makes all the difference.

Try losing weight

Obesity is one of the key markers of diabetes. If you are obese, you are likely going to contribute more to your levels of insulin resistance in the body.

Hence, one of the most effective ways to tackle the issues of diabetes is to try to lose weight. It can be based off of your doctor’s suggestions, or even with dieting or exercise.

At the end of the day, it does come down to the ways that work for you.


Not many doctors suggest this but one of the best ways in which a diabetic patient can not just control their blood sugar levels but also their insulin resistance is fasting.

When you don’t give your body anything, it starts to break down the fats and proteins in the body, helping bring down your insulin levels and in turn, bring down your blood sugar levels as well. This must be done under a doctor’s guidance.

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If you have been worried about taking diabetic medications for the rest of your life, these steps can help make your life a better one. Remember that the way you tackle diabetes is what matters in the end.