Delhi E Pass 2021: Registration and Status

Delhi E Pass 2021: Registration and Status

Because of the rise of coronavirus cases in Delhi state, the government of Delhi has imposed a lockdown for several days.

The cases of coronavirus rise rapidly and the situation is out of control. So, the lockdown and curfew became necessary to control the spread of coronavirus.

The government of Delhi has imposed section 144 in the state. The Delhi government has launched the E pass for the essential and emergency professions.

Those who are working in the food delivery or medical field then can get the E pass. The E pass is necessary to go outside.

If you have a genuine reason, then and only you can roam outside, otherwise you might get punished. We have mentioned all the details regarding the Delhi E pass. Let’s talk about it.

Delhi E Pass 2021 Registration

The Delhi E Pass 2021 was launched by the chief minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal. The Delhi E Pass 2021 is for free movement in the city.

The only essential service providers can get the Delhi E pass. To know more, visit

If you are in an emergency, there is a helpline number – 1031. In case of any emergency, you can dial this number 1031.

The helpline number 1031 is working in the Delhi state. The chief minister of Delhi has launched a website that can help all the people who are working and they can get various types of incentives from the authorities.

There are many options available on the official website of Delhi Curfew Pass. It includes E-Pass for traveling, Food required, Ration required, 5000 INR compensation for workers, and Pension amount.

You can visit the above-mentioned website from the phone or laptop or pc and can use all the available service.

The Delhi E Pass is available for only people who are working in the below-listed businesses.

  1. Media
  2. Medical Sector
  3. Manufacturing of Essential Items
  4. Shops of Essential Items
  5. Transport of Essential Items
  6. Storage of Essential Items

Many documents will be required to apply for the Delhi E Pass. It includes ID Proof, Visiting Card, Shop License, and Business License.

Not everyone can access Delhi E-Pass, the people who are connected with the profession of providing important and necessary items can get Delhi E-Pass. And you can only get Delhi E-Pass if you do not have any official identity card of your profession.

It includes several professions such as petrol pumps, dairy farms, food delivery services, fruit stores, grocery stores, transportation services, etc.

If you have an identity card regarding your profession, then you will not require Delhi E-Pass. It includes several professions like doctors, nurses, police officials, licensed medical shops, etc. If we get any other update about Delhi E-Pass, we will add it here.

Find all the steps to apply for the Delhi E Pass 2021.

How to Apply for Delhi E Pass 2021:

  1. Open the official website of Delhi E Pass 2021. We have mentioned the website above.
  2. The application form will appear.
  3. Read all the information and instructions carefully.
  4. Enter all the details such as Contact Number, District, Applicant Name, Type of Service, Duration of E Pass – Date and Time, Address, etc.
  5. After filling in all the necessary details, upload your valid ID proof.
  6. Also, upload the other required documents such as shop or business license, visiting card, etc.
  7. Click on the Submit button.
  8. After successful verification, the Delhi E Pass 2021 will be sent to you.
  9. You will receive the E pass ID.
  10. To check the status of your E pass application, you can visit the official website.
  11. There is an option named check status where you can check the status of your E pass application.
  12. The option is available on the homepage of the official website of Delhi E Pass 2021.
  13. The Delhi E Pass 2021 will contain 7 character Pass ID. You can check the status of the E pass application at

If you have an existing E pass for weekend curfew or night curfew, then you do not have to apply for the E pass again.

Maybe while traveling, the police can ask you for the E pass, at that time, if you forget the hard copy, you can show the E pass on your mobile phone to the police officer.

The E pass is valid on both; soft copy and hard copy. If you do not require the E pass for traveling, then you will have to carry a valid ID proof with you and a valid document stating the reason for traveling.

The E pass application can be rejected also if the government is not satisfied with the reason. The E pass application will be accepted only after the scrutiny.

The curfew in the Delhi state will end on 17th May 2021 but it is not confirmed that the curfew will be covered on the day 17th May 2021.

If requires, the curfew can be extended. If we get any update about it, we will add it here. For the Delhi movement pass, the user will require a copy of the passport-sized photo and valid ID proof such as Aadhar Card, Voter ID Card, PAN Card, Driving License, Passport, etc.

For the Delhi Curfew pass, the user will require two documents; a copy of the Aadhar card and the authorization letter from your workplace or the respective authority.

If you have any medical emergency, you will not require the E pass. Doctors, nurses, medical suppliers, or any person in the healthcare profession will not require the E pass.

If you traveling from another city to Delhi, you can show the ticket to the authority if they ask. If you are a student and you have to appear in the examination, in case of that, you can show your admit card.

Many professions do not need the E pass for the movement in Delhi. If you are in examination staff for the ongoing examination, you just have to carry a valid ID proof of yours. You will not require the E pass for traveling.

All the judicial officials and members can get the permission letter from the court for the free movement in the city of Delhi. They also have to carry ID proof.

The Media and press members will require valid identity proof. They do not need the E pass to travel to Delhi. The harassment helpline number in case of any emergency is 011-22459536. You can contact on this number in case of emergency.

The user can also apply for the E pass using Whatsapp. You have to send the necessary details to the respective district authority number.

Not everyone can get a Delhi E-pass. Delhi E-pass is only for those professionals who are working in the profession of providing essential items.

If they do not have a valid professional ID card, then they can apply for Delhi E-pass. Those professions include transportation of necessary items, petrol pumps, food delivery service, dairy, etc.

If you have a valid identity card, then you will not require a Delhi E-pass. It includes doctors, nurses, medical shop owners, etc.

And also, if you are suffering from any disease, then you can go for any medical emergency without an E-pass. If we get any update about Delhi E-pass, we will add it here.

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