4 Best Fog Lights For Your Cars To Navigate Through Dense Fog

Driving is a passion that a majority of us live by. A number of automotive enthusiasts like to test the power of the accelerator pedal, every once in a while. However, throughout your driving experience, you will come across situations that make driving a car, almost impossible!

One such situation that we want to highlight here is the troubles caused by the use of regular headlights. When you surf the highways, regular headlights are a leading obstacle to reflect fog and hinder visibility. No matter how powerful or opaque your headlight’s visibility is, this issue is common and a cause of major accidents during winters.

Now, if you are one of those automobile owners that live in colder regions, we suggest you install fog lights to help you navigate through dense fog with complete safety. Similar to all the other auto parts, these lights are also available as spares.

Confused about selecting the ideal fog light replacement for your car? Relax! We’ve curated a list of the top fog lights that we think will help you navigate through the most extreme foggy conditions. Let’s get started.

  1. Philips X-tremeVision LED Fog Light

One of the most trusted brands when it comes to lights, our top suggestion begins with Philips X-tremeVision LED Fog Light. One of the best automotive fog lights, the product is a bestseller in its category and provides a crystal clear view in harsh & extreme weather. Coming with an expected life of 12 years, these lights are also covered under a three-year warranty, backing them with an assurity to last.

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The  Philips X-tremeVision LED Fog Light gives out 9.3 watts of output and 840 lumens, generating high-quality output, with bright white illumination. The white light illumination of the light is soft to the drivers approaching you.

Further, their plug and play nature makes these lights a great pick. The LED build also consumes less power and remains cold mostly. Overall, a really good purchase & worth the price tag.

2. LEDHOLYT High Power LED Fog Light

The second option on our list includes the LEDHOLYT High Power LED Fog Light that has a very unique design and is engineered with a very unique design, combining the Xenon lamp. The light bulb gives out a 30W output, emitting heavy lighting. You can also avail of these lights in different colors. As per the company, these lights are durable and engineered with a waterproof design. The other features of the fog light include high brightness, light uniformity, and good heat dissipation.

However, once you have purchased the LEDHOLYT High Power LED Fog Light, we advise you to go for a professional installation of the product. This way, you avoid causing any damage to the product or your vehicle.

3. JDM ASTAR 30W High Power LED Fog Light Bulbs for DRL or Fog Lights

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JDM ASTAR is another renowned brand in our list that tops the list of bestselling automotive lighting. These bulbs from JDM ASTAR are very flexible in their use as they can be greatly used as fog lights or as DRLs (day-time running lights). The light setup comprises six 5W LED lights that are highly intense and come with a year’s warranty on them. Moreover, their plug and play nature makes the product really easy to install and reduces the chances of calling a professional for help.

These powerful lights are very intense and need to be managed carefully as they can also blind other drivers that are traveling the road or coming from the opposite direction. You need to have a proper inclination of the light and also keep an eye on the size.

4. XSPEED LED Fog Light Bulbs JDM Gold Yellow

If you are a fan of the retro yellow look and don’t want to settle for the white LEDs, you can opt for the XSPEED LED Fog Light Bulbs JDM Gold Yellow. The cool yellow look provided by this light enhances the power and visibility of your car in dense road conditions. Available over a variety of fitments & sizes, these lights give out an output of 1,600 lumens over every single bulb.

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The overall output of these lights is very bright and their easy installation makes the XSPEED LED Fog Light Bulbs JDM Gold Yellow, ready to integrate with the lighting system of your car. A majority of the users have found the light to be very useful under extreme road conditions.


While you are shopping for LED fog lights, try to understand their types and ensure that you select the right product that suits the needs of your car. Now, chances are that you might be confused with the reliable sellers of such products.

Don’t get confused with the number of options available online, choose Boodmo for a reliable and genuine purchase.