2020 IPL Betting Guide

2020 IPL Betting Guide

Whilst the IPL was moved away from India in 2020 due to the continuing impact COVID 19 is having on the global sporting scene, the drama and intrigue associated with the competition continue to grip the cricketing world.

As the most-watched T20 cricket league in the world, fans from every corner of the globe are flocking to watch the big hits and devastating bowling spells from the biggest names in the game.

Cricket betting has always been popular for punters, with multiple markets to access and indulge in, and the quickfire nature of the IPL makes it a betting enthusiast’s dream.

And with the IPL currently, the only major world cricket taking place, punters can get stuck into all of the IPL auctions.

Use the IPL Bookmaker Offers

With so much buzz and attention surrounding the IPL, all major bookmakers are keen to offer out excellent promotions and offer to entice new customers.

As mentioned, the sheer amount of markets available to bet on within the IPL makes it a viable option for all levels of punter and all major sportsbooks keen to cash in.

Most betting options within the IPL center around the action as it unfolds, so betting in-play and getting better odds is a common promotion most bookmakers offer.

Getting better odds on every bet can be hugely profitable for punters, although the terminology can sometimes change – a price boost is the same as enhanced odds.

Read on for a betting guide to the 2020 IPL:

Big Hitting

Cricket betting can be a minefield for rookie punters – especially in the shorter format of the game.

With so many variables and rules to abide by, picking the right market to win big with isn’t always easy.

But one thing is always guaranteed with the IPL – BIG HITTING!

Whether it be how many 6’s are hit in the match or the over/under market with how many runs a particular team will score, run-scoring is part of the appeal at the IPL, and balls sailing over the rope are a common sight, so be sure to back the batsmen.


With so many batsmen going for broke from the off, it can often seem a matter of time before their luck runs out and they lose their wicket.

By far the most common dismissal in IPL cricket is caught, yet in every market, they are surprisingly good value.

Seeking out a good bet within the dismissal market can produce a serious windfall; punters looking for quick returns can yield a serious dividend.

In-Play Betting

Central to the appeal of IPL betting is the ability to bet in-play. Whilst most matches are seemingly over in a flash, the amount of markets punters can access gives a wealth of opportunity.

In addition, every ball can be punted on – making it an absolute dream for players looking to keep their bank balance ticking over.

Of course, caution should be afforded when betting on a quickfire basis, being able to bet regularly can see instantaneous and handsome rewards in your betting balance.

Build the IPL Accumulators

Despite every game being staggered to accommodate the needs of television rights, there are often multiple IPL games within one day – making a substantial number of IPL fixtures per week.

From this, punters can generate accumulator bets to seek out real value. The biggest appeal of accumulator betting on the IPL is the risk vs reward strategy. Correctly picking the results of multiple IPL games can yield a significant return – for a small stake, ideal for punters who are looking to limit their budgets.