My11Circle Vs MPL

My11Circle Vs MPL

There is no shortage of cricket fantasy applications, but not all of them are created equal. Some have higher payouts, while others have a greater likelihood of winning. The fantasy cricket platform provides more than just an opportunity to earn rewards by playing; they also provide signup bonuses and benefits for referring others and much more. The greatest thing is that, in contrast to a few years ago, most of these platforms have engaging mobile apps to enjoy the game at your comfort. Here’s a rundown of the two most famous fantasy cricket apps, My11Circle and MPL.

In this article, we evaluate My11Circle and MPL to highlight their respective strengths and weaknesses. We compare the two services, highlight the advantages and disadvantages of each, and show you why one of them is probably more suited to your fantasy cricket needs. To help you decide between My11Circle and MPL, this post will highlight the key distinctions between the two services. 

How do cricket fantasy apps work?

Create your own virtual cricket team with your preferred batters, bowlers, and fielders with the help of a fantasy cricket app. You’ll need to sign up for one of the fantasy app platforms to participate in the game. However, in fantasy cricket, your success depends on the performance of the players you choose. Take, for example, the number of runs they score, the wickets they take, or even the catches they collect. In 20-20 cricket forms like the T20 League, the strike rate of the batters is an essential factor. You get points based on these factors, and you play with other fantasy squads on the platform.

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My11Circle is a platform where users can compete for cash and practice points. With the provided 100 credits, you can put together a squad of 11 players and monitor their performances at any moment. The players must also be assessed and awarded points for a particular match. In-depth match previews are provided by My11Circle, including information about the pitch, key players, smart picks, and predictions.


Another cricket fantasy software with the potential for large payouts is MPL. The app’s layout is straightforward, and entry costs for games are minimal. Pool, private, and free contest options are all available to MPL users. The pool competition offers the greatest potential for winning cash prizes.

Let’s evaluate My11Circle & MPL by looking at their features:

  • Origins: When it comes to fantasy sports, My11Circle was launched in 2019 by Games 24×7 whereas MPL was launched in 2018 by the MPL Corporation Limited.
  • User base: Even though My 11 Circle is a much more recent platform than MPL, it has attracted over 1.3 Crore users in India. MPL has a combined user base of over 8 crore users in India which also includes users of other games like  Rummy, Ludo, etc.
  • Creating a team: When it comes to constructing your own squad, My11circleand MPL diverges in a few key respects. In both My11Circle and MPL teams, you can have up to four wicket-keepers. You can choose 1 to 6 batsmen, all-rounders, and bowlers respectively in My11Circle, whereas in MPL you can pick three to six batsmen and bowlers respectively, and a maximum of four all-rounders.
  • Points system: My11Circle’s point distribution in games has always been consistent. They give 1 point for each run, plus 1 point for four and 2 points for a six, 25 points for a wicket (not including a runout), and 8 points for a catch. MPL, on the other hand, uses a slightly different point system. It gives 0.5 points for every run, 1 point extra for a six, 10 points for a wicket (except for a runout), and 4 points for a catch. Visit their websites to learn more about the points system.
  • Association with celebrities: Sourav Ganguly, VVS Laxman, Rituraj Gaikwad, and Shubhman Gill, are just some of the great and rising talents that are onboard with My11Circle. MPL has associated with Virat Kohli on the other hand.
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We hope that after reading our comparison of these two apps, you have a good sense of their respective strengths and weaknesses. Despite the fact that fantasy cricket offers a number of benefits—including the chance to win prizes and social interaction as well as a greater appreciation for the game itself—it is possible to get hooked to the game and to spend money if you play unreasonably.

But if we had to choose between My11Circle and MPL, we’d have to say the former is preferable. My11Circle is currently stronger in features, and it could take some time before MPL catches up. We encourage you to pick the platform that best suits your needs, with the condition that you should always play in a responsible manner.