How Can HRs Enhance Their Productivity In An Evolving Work Environment

How Can HRs Enhance Their Productivity In An Evolving Work Environment

The Human Resources department in a company is the glue holding together various components of the overall machinery. HRs play a vital role in the smooth functioning of the many processes involved in a company. From recruiting employees to onboarding them; from designing training programs to implementing them; from tracking work and managing payroll; from overseeing employee engagement to administering benefits — an HR department does it all.

In short, HRs add value to an organization by various means, making them indispensable assets for any successful and efficient organization. Therefore, the HR department must function productively.

As the working culture is evolving, especially in the last couple of years, in the wake of the pandemic, HRs have faced many challenges in the form of a distanced workforce. The functions of HRs are increasingly changing and becoming more demanding. Although people are using platforms like LinkedIn and maintaining the platform with LinkedIn automation tools but the need of maintaining efficiency in the workplace doesn’t reduce, thus, the increasing demand from the HRs needs immediate assistance. Thankfully, HRs can avail the help of various powerful resources and tools to keep their work on track.

Just like various other areas of industry and business, the development of software and online tools that help HR tasks is set to revolutionize the way they manage their work. Running an HR department can be made easier with the help of tools such as paycom — which manages payroll and other HR services. Tools for designing and tracking training programs for employees also greatly help HRs in maintaining productivity.

No doubt that these new-age tools and resources aid in the smooth functioning of HR departments in a company. In addition, they provide HRs with much needed time to focus on various other aspects of making a company better. Let’s take a look at how can HRs enhance their productivity and help a company scale greater heights in an evolving work environment:

  • Onboarding of new employees

Making new employees feel welcome is a vital task for HRs. In a remote working environment, it is imperative not to compromise on the same in any way. Using an online or software onboarding online allows HRs to take care of a seamless onboarding experience. With the help of an onboarding tool, HRs can work on employee engagement from day one. Enabling the new employees to understand their work helps them contribute sooner.

  • Managing performance

    It is important for HRs to continuously keep an eye on the gap between the targets and work of employees. Monitoring employee performance allows HRs to take required measures in case of any shortcomings. Employee performance monitoring can be made easy by using tools and software designed for this purpose. These help HRs to gather information required to manage the performance of the company.
  • Attendance and Time Tracking

    Managing absence records, tracking leaves and vacations, scheduling deadlines, and tracking timesheets are vital tasks for HRs. These help in delegating adequate compensation, efficient task completion, and compliance with rules. Therefore, using various readily available workforce management tools eases the process of doing all of the above.
    • Scheduling Shifts

      The importance of scheduling shifts for employees lies in the increased efficiency of the workforce. Spreadsheets are the go-to resources for scheduling employee shifts, but they can be cumbersome to manage because of the manual nature of entering and tracking data. Advanced scheduling systems make this process automated and reduce the chances of scheduling conflicts.
  • Optimizing Human Capital

    Optimization of all processes mentioned above leads us to the most crucial task before the HR department — optimizing human capital, the employees. Employee engagement, retention, advancement, and wellness fall under the umbrella of human capital optimization. HRs need to focus on all of the above factors to make an employee feel safe and productive inside an organization.


HRs hold the key to ensuring the smooth functioning of an organization by undertaking multiple tasks involved in managing the employees. An efficient HR manager can add value to the employees, and by extension —the organization. HRs must utilize the plethora of online tools and software to make their job easier and more efficient — especially in a competitive and evolving remote work environment.