Heartland Season 17, Release Date, Casting, Plot, and Everything You Need To Know

Heartland Season 17, Release Date, Casting, Plot, and Everything You Need To Know

Finally, all the Heartland fans, here we are, coming with all the latest updates regarding Heartland Season 17.

Heartland is a Canadian television drama series whose first season was release on 14th October 2007.

The Heartland series is a perfect combination of family plus comedy-drama series. It is based on a novel named, “Heartland,” written by Lauren Brooke. 

The IMDB Rating of one of the beautiful series, that is the Heartland, is 8.5 out of 10. 

The Heartland storyline series is about a girl named Amy Fleming who lives on a horse farm called Heartland in Virginia and also shows her bonding with her friends and families.

Also, the series is popular in the United States, as they continuously play it in their distribution network.

Actor/Actress Character Description
Shaun Johnston Jack Bartlett Rancher and Amy’s grandfather
Amber Marshall Amy Fleming Equestrian and protagonist of the series
Gabriel Hogan Peter Morris Rancher and Lou’s husband
Ruby and Emanuella Spencer Lyndy Fleming Amy’s daughter
Michelle Morgan Lou Fleming Morris Amy’s sister and Peter’s wife
Kerry James Caleb Odell Ranch hand and later husband of Cassandra
Chris Potter Tim Fleming Amy and Lou’s father
Jordan Burchett Quinn Ranch hand and later husband of Mallory
Aya Tran Parker Yang Friend of Georgie
Jessica Steen Lisa Stillman Veterinarian
Michelle Nolden Jessica Cook Lawyer and friend of Lou
Baye McPherson Katie Fleming-Morris Lou and Peter’s daughter
Alisha Newton Georgie Troubled youth taken in by the Fleming/Morris family

Heartland’s last season, 16, was release on 2nd October 2022, and the previous episode of Heartland season 16 was release on 5th February 2023.


Although, the fans are now eagerly waiting for Heartland’s upcoming season 17, which is yet to be declared. 

Heartland Season 17 Casting Members:

The makers have decided to make slide changes in the casting list of the Heartland season 17. Fans will see many new faces.

On the other hand, they may have to say goodbye to many old characters. Here, we have a few final Heartland star cast lists, including;

  • Shaun Johnston as Jack Bartlett
  • Amber Marshall as Amy Fleming
  • Gabriel Hogan as Peter Morris
  • Ruby and Emanuella Spencer as Lyndy Fleming
  • Michelle Morgan as Lou Fleming Morris
  • Kerry James as Caleb Odell
  • Chris Potter as Tim Fleming
  • Jordan Burchett as Quinn
  • Aya Tran as Parker Yang
  • Jessica Steen as Lisa Stillman
  • Michelle Nolden as Jessica Cook
  • Baye McPherson as Katie Fleming-Morris
  • Alisha Newton as Georgie
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Besides this, there are high possibilities that fans will get to see the characters like Shawn Roberts as Sam Langston and Drew Davies as Logan in the upcoming season 17, as in the previous Heartland Season 16, they had already given a clue regarding their roles.

Also, Jake Church and Jessica Amlee may appear in the upcoming season, but no confirmed news exists.

Also, we have bad news for all the Heartland fans, especially for Robert Cormier fans, as the series lost one of its gems, Robert Cormier (Finn). Robert Cormier recently died due to injuries. So, fans will always miss the presence of very talented actors Robert Cormier. 

Heartland List of Episodes:

Heartland is one of the best Canadian family comedy-drama series written by Lauren Brooke. The first ever Heartland season was released on 14th October 2007, with 13 episodes.

Then, every next season was released one after another year, and most of the series had eighteen episodes in each. 

Heartland also released its previous season on 2nd October 2022 and has 15 episodes. After releasing the last episode of Heartland Season 16, the makers’ team announced Heartland Season 17 but did not make any other discloses regarding the same. 

Heartland Season 17 has episodes that range between 10 to 15 episodes and may be released in 2023. 

Heartland Season 16 Ending Overview:

Before moving directly toward the ending scene of Heartland Season 16, it is essential to know about the title of the episodes, through which fans can quickly learn about each episode’s storyline.

So here we will come up with the title of the previous Heartland season 16.

  • The title of episode 1 is “Something’s Got to Give”
  • Episode 2 is about “Changes”
  • Episode 3 is “On the Ropes”
  • Episode 4 is about “Spark to Flame”
  • Episode 5 is related to the” Higher Ground”
  • Episode 6 is about “ Into the Wild”
  • Episode 7 is connected to “Vigil”
  • Episode 8 is about “Running Down a Dream”
  • Episode 9 regards “True Colours, New Tricks”
  • Episode 10 is about “Lurking in the Shadow”
  • Episode 11 is “Head Over Heels,”
  • Episode 12 is related to “Memory”
  • Episode 13 is about “Striking a Balance”
  • Episode 14 related to “Learning to Fly”
  • And finally, the last Episode, 15, is related to “A Light in the Dark.”

Now, viewers, who missed the final episode of Heartland Season 16, for them we bring a snapshot of the ending scene of the season, through which they can easily guess about the Heartland upcoming season 17.

The last episode’s title is “A Light in the Dark,” in which Jack realizes his fault with Al Cotter. On the other hand, Lou and Peter were taken the next step in their relationship together. Georgie is also planning to decide the things which help her to set her future. 

On the other side, Amy can see her new life journey with the help of new light. In short, the last episode of the Heartland season 16 brings so many changes in many lives; also, Amy selects her unique path to live her life. Now, fans are more excited about the further life journey of Amy and the other characters. 

Heartland Season 17 Expected Storyline:

Heartland Season 17 will never disappoint its fans, as it brings a fascinating family drama. Lyndy might play the lead role in the forthcoming season, who will impart the horse training to Amy. 

As discussed earlier, Amy is ready to start her new life and search for her new love. Now, there is a likeliness of an entry of a compelling character again. Thus, fans are making guesses about who will be recurring in the upcoming season 17. 

Viewers may also see the next step in Tim and Jessica’s relationship, as both plans to marry and find a new location to start a new journey. And; many more exciting stories to come in the Heartland Season 17. 

Heartland Season 17 Release Date:

We have not received official information regarding the Heartland season 17 release date. But the show will be released by October 2023.

Because both the previous seasons of Heartland, that is, season 15 and 16, was also released in October.

But we cannot say anything else until the official announcement made by their production team members make official announcements. 

But, as of now, we are still waiting to get official updates regarding the Heartland Season 17 release date.

Where to Watch Heartland Season 17?

Viewers can watch the entire Heartland series from the CBC Platform. Also, fans can watch the old episodes on Hulu, Crackle, BYUtv, Pluto TV, COZI TV, etc., by paying a subscription amount. 


Will Amy Leave Heartland?

Not at all. We never heard such type of news. Because Amy is one of the most committed actresses on the team, and she never wants to say goodbye to this fascinating show. 

Does Amy find Love Again After Ty?

Yes, as viewers have seen in the last episode, Amy is set to start her new life. Then, in the forthcoming Heartland season, 17 Amy finds her new love in Sam Langston.

What Happens to Amy when Ty Dies?

Fans are very shocked after the sudden death of Ty in the show. Especially in Heartland Season 14, Amy is very depressed by the death of her love, and she doesn’t take a step ahead from her depressed situation. 

Why is Georgie not on Heartland?

Viewers get significantly disappointing news after the end of Heartland season 14. That is when Georgie and Quinn decide to leave Heartland because they are invited to participate in another show conducted in Florida.

Heartland Season 17 Trailer:

We had no official news regarding the Heartland Season 17 release date. But the maker’s team may announce the release date of the Heartland season 17 by the end of 2023. 

Also, until then, the viewers look at the Heartland Season 16 trailer, which is shared below. 

Final Words:

The Heartland is one of the outstanding Canadian family comedy drama-based series. The series is based on a novel named “Heartland,” written by Lauren Brooke.

Heartland is primarily connected with an Amy character, who is so much in love with Horses. 

Also, the Heartland series won many awards and achievements for an outstanding story combination.

After completing the previous season, Heartland season 16, the makers announced the upcoming season 17 but still need to share further information. We will release the final date of Heartland Season 17 at the end of 2023.