Best Online Slots Based on Popular TV Shows

When it comes to popularity, TV shows have always hit the charts. Let’s look at the slot games inspired by great movies and TV shows available at online slots Canada based. Their characters become idols for millions of people all over the world. That gambling software developers don’t miss the opportunity to capitalize on this popularity by producing online slots based on such TV shows as The Big Bang Theory, The X Files, Beverly Hills, and Vikings, to name a few.

For the last few years, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, cities worldwide have been going under lockdowns. People were forced to stay home to comply with social distancing requirements. Playing online slots became a safe alternative to outside activity. Since there are many online casinos, it makes sense to check their reliability at

Slot machines are undoubtedly popular gaming activities. And so, using iconic TV characters helps generate good revenue. Over the years, TV show-themed games have become a vital part of the gambling industry, especially in iGaming.

A wide variety of games and themes

Imagine several significant companies developing and releasing many new titles monthly. Of course, themed games are some main attractions among slots. You can find many licensed slots based on the most popular movies and TV shows. It’s hard to overview the selection of iGaming operators and slot games on your own. Therefore, websites like ours can be beneficial for players trying to find trustworthy casinos, information on game developers, and special bonuses and promotions.

So let us introduce some slot games based on fantastic TV shows and movie franchises available today:

  • Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen

🏆 Software Net Ent
🃏  Reels 5
💥 Paylines 20
💰 RTP 96,07%

NetEnt is an essential company in the gambling market. One of their latest releases is Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen video slot. This one is unusual, but Ramsay is an internationally recognized icon. So it was only natural that his incredible show made its way to the slots.

The game’s geometry is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot that features Ramsay’s signature dishes and famous phrases. Three of Ramsey’s images are included as Scatter symbols. They activate Team Challenge Free Spins with random prizes and multipliers up to five times per bet.

  • Game of Thrones

🏆 Software Microgaming
🃏  Reels 5
💥 Paylines 243
💰 RTP 95%

It’s one of the most successful entertainment brands in the world. No wonder these HBO series were featured in a slot game. The game was released by a company that launched the first online casino in the 1990s. Namely, by Microgaming! Game of Thrones is one of the most recent titles on this list.

This game is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot available in 15 paylines and 243 ways. The game features four great houses from the series. Players can choose to play as Lannister, Baratheon, Targaryen, or Stark. Each home provides a different number of spins and multipliers. White Walkers, Direwolves, and the Three-Eyed Raven also appear in the game.

  • Family Guy

🏆 Software IGT
🃏  Reels 5
💥 Paylines 30
💰 RTP 94,27%

The Family Guy slot was developed by IGT, one of the gambling industry’s oldest and most renowned companies. The game brings the popular Fox show to a whole new level. Fans of Peter Griffin & Family will undoubtedly be interested in trying out this slot as it features every character from the show.

The geometry of The Family Guy slot is as follows: a 5-reel, 3-row game with 30 paylines and bets that range from $1 to $1,500 per spin. The game offers seven different bonus features, one for each character from the show. You will be glad to know that there is even a Chicken Fight! It’s a bonus that triggers the famous confrontation between Peter and the giant chicken. The bonus gives players multipliers of up to 1000x the initial bet.

  • Narcos

🏆 Software Red Time Gaming
🃏  Reels 5
💥 Paylines 243
💰 RTP 95,7%

This slot developed by NetEnt is based on the popular Netflix series. It focuses on the agents hunting down Pablo Escobar, the Colombian crime boss. The game features a few characters from the show, such as agents Murphy and Peña. You can even see some animals there from Escobar’s ranch.

Narcos is a standard 5-reel, 3-row video slot with 243 bet ways. There are ten different paying symbols. The game also has bonus multipliers of up to 10x the stake, plus there are scatter symbols that trigger free spins rounds.

  • Jumanji

🏆 Software Net Ent
🃏  Reels 5
💥 Paylines 36
💰 RTP 96,33%

Another NetEnt title, the Jumanji slot, was inspired by a famous movie from 1995 with the same name, featuring Robin Williams, Kirsten Dunst, and Bonnie Hunt. It’s based on a board game with magical powers where every dice roll makes strange things happen.

This slot is among the first of its kind. It combines elements of board games and free spin features. The game offers four different free spins, coin wins, extra dice rolls, and a mystery feature.

Praised for its stellar graphics, sound, and effects animation, the slot uses a 5-reel layout, with bets ranging from $0.10 to $100. You can find 36 fixed paylines there, and its rewards can go up to 504x the player’s stake.

  • Friends

🏆 Software WMS
🃏  Reels 5
💥 Paylines 40
💰 RTP 96%

One of the biggest sitcoms of all time is Friends. So, here is our slot review. It’s one of WMS’s biggest branded slots that reunite Rachel, Ross, Joey, Phoebe, Chandler, and Monica across five reels of fun.

The Friends slot game features stacked symbols, the most recognizable episodes from the show, and a wheel bonus with big prize payouts. It’s a high variance ride, but some big prizes are waiting for you there. Fans of the show will recognize the following bonus features:

  • Thanksgiving
  • Wedding
  • Party
  • Bamboozled


You know everything about the most famous slot machines based on TV shows. They have been as successful as those TV shows that inspired them. All these games can be found in online casinos and on betting apps worldwide.