How online casinos attract new players

How online casinos attract new players

The exponential growth of the online casino market has led to innumerable competitors vying for customer’s clicks. It has become one of the most hotly contested markets, with companies finding any way they can to upstage their competition.

Almost all of the most established bookmakers offer an online casino service, and for many companies it’s a sole focus. While loyal, returning customers are indispensable, attracting a steady flow of new players is equally as pivotal.

Ever wondered how online casinos are able to acquire such an impressive number of first-time customers? This article details the almost universal techniques most online casinos use.

Welcome Bonuses

Everybody likes the feeling of getting something for nothing, and generous welcome bonuses are the perfect way of doing exactly that.

Offering a first timer the prospect of extra money is the perfect way to entice and reward them. Such welcome packages are usually split into three simple variations.

  1. Deposit bonuses. These match your initial deposit up to a cap, usually the initial investment is doubled, though not always. For example, if a customer adds £100, the casino may add the same amount, essentially doubling the customer’s investment.
  2. Deposit- free bonuses. This is when leading sites like 888 online casino offer a new customer a bonus simply for signing up. The fact that these don’t require a deposit to be accessed makes them a must for new and perhaps apprehensive players.
  3. Free spins. This type of bonus is a great way of enticing slot players, who constitute a huge part of the player base.
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Online casinos offer a fun, virtual alternative to land-based casinos. However, reducing the disparity between the two experiences is one way of attracting new customers who prefer the real thing.

It’s common to be able to access live dealers with whom the customers can communicate with, which encourages player interactivity. There are also live tables offered by some sites so that a player isn’t just staring at a virtual replica.

For many, visiting a casino is a social affair at which the conversation and gambling are enjoyed in equal measure. Online, chat rooms are easily accessible, which allow players to communicate among themselves as they would during the genuine experience.

The promising technical capacity of virtual reality is helping to bring the experiences as close together as possible. Although perfecting such technology hasn’t quite been realised yet, perhaps this will be a crucial part of future services.

Abundant Choice

This is one of the clearest ways in which online casinos can offer more than their land-based counterparts. Not limited by physical space, web-based casinos can provide a theoretically endless number of different games.

As well as allowing them to cater to as many potential players as possible, this helps to maintain player interest. No one wants to sit through the same few games waiting for the inevitable boredom to hit.

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Online sites can offer multiple variations on all of the most popular casino games. Unique versions of poker, roulette, blackjack, and many more will ensure playing online doesn’t become stale and repetitive.

Slots are perhaps the easiest game to diversify. Differing winning conditions, themes, audio, and visuals can make it feel like you’re playing a totally unique game each time.

Furthermore, many slot games are themed around game shows to add an extra sense of familiarity to the fun.


Casinos are beginning to realise the importance of a streamlined website or app that is easily navigable for new players. Especially for those less familiar with online technology, accessing the desired game among so many must be straightforward.

Having an app is also important as it will allow for a much smoother experience when playing on a mobile device. This includes easily accessible customer support tools should any problems be encountered while playing.


While you can keep track of your money in a real casino, online, it’s in a virtual cyberspace. This can be an anxious prospect for some, and as a result, building trust with the consumer is essential.

Guaranteed fast pay-outs on any winnings are a great way to put the consumer at ease. Especially for those who are new to playing virtually, portraying the reliability and integrity of online casinos is obligatory.

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Web-based providers must also guarantee all is done to verify that their games operate legally, randomly and fairly.

If a consumer finds that they are winning at the expected rate, continuing to use the service is an easy decision. If the opposite is true, they will look elsewhere for a company that operates legitimately.

Practice Modes

For some people, jumping on an online casino is a casual affair, and for some for new players it can be a stressful experience. Consequently, many casinos will provide a trial mode so that players can familiarise themselves without having to stake actual money.

This may also allow for the development of a tactic. On blackjack, for example, using practice mode can help a player determine the best number on which to stick or hit.


The ease with which online casinos can operate has created one of the most competitive markets around. As more people look online for an easy and enjoyable casino experience, finding effective methods of attracting new players is key.

The most successful providers in the industry cater to the needs and wants of a new player. Pairing this with a diverse range of benefits for using their service ensures a constant stream of eager amateur punters.