How to Choose the Best Portable Sandblaster?

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Sandblasters are one of the most commonly used tools when it comes to a construction site. They are used to prep and clean a range of surfaces, be it concrete or even wooden floors. They are extremely versatile and help in removing unnecessary chipped paint or even the accumulated dirt that has seeped into the floors over the years. If you have never used sandblasters before, know for a fact that portable sandblasters are a superior option over the standard ones.

However, what are some factors that you need to keep a check on when it comes to buying a portable sandblaster?

Choose the blast media

The first and hands down the most important factor of consideration are the blast media. There is a range of types of elements that you can choose from, including crushed glass, coal slag, or even garnet and soda. The reason why paying extra attention to the blast media is crucial is because it aligns with the type of valve inside the tool.

There are mainly three types of valves, including sand valve, auto quantum valve, manual quantum valve. There is also a range of lightweight media valves that are integrated into some of the portable sandblasters in the market.

Duration between refills

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Another important factor worth looking into is the blast pot size. Some of them last for 3-5 minutes per cubic meter of the pot size with the refill while a few others that last for a little less or more. If you are working on a larger surface area, you must find a pot size that measures 6 cubic foot pot.

So, you must keep an eye out for the size of the pot size without any further questions. The last thing you want is a smaller blast pot size that won’t last you long.

Safety options

Aside from the long-lasting usage, another factor worth considering is the safety options. As for the remotes, there are two different options, the pneumatic and the electric-powered one. If you are planning on using the sandblaster for longer periods, we’d suggest using the electric-powered remotes over the traditional pneumatic ones.

Also, aside from the quality of the remote, it is crucial that you also lookout for some additional features like an abrasive cut-off switch or pressure hold design that would eventually contribute to improved functions and performance.

The pressure hold design is an extremely important feature that you need to keep an eye out for. The main objective behind this function is to depressurize the blast pot every time that you release the safety handle in this. This helps ensure superior functions without unnecessary interruptions.

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If this is your first time buying a portable sandblaster for your cleaning or polishing work, you must look through these individual features and factors. At the end of the day, you want to invest in a product that is worth the price that you invest in it.