House of Dragons, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Loki… Leaked Plotlines of 2022

TV fans have been getting loads of amazing content since 2022 began. New seasons of Bridgerton, Star Trek, Never Have I Ever, and other popular shows were released. All this exciting content has kept fans occupied, but all we want is more.

When you have fans who want more and TV shows releasing exciting trailers for shows queued for the rest of the year, you would have leaks. Leaks have become so popular in recent years because fans just can’t control the suspense from season endings and trailers. 

This year, leaks from popular TV shows have generated different kinds of responses online. We will discuss some of the popular leaks that shook the internet here. You should be warned that we will mention some potential spoilers as you keep reading.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

One TV series that had all the hype from as early as March 2022 was Obi-wan Kenobi. Fans were seriously anticipating the series before its release in May 2022. Prior to its premier on Disney, all sorts of leaks had been released. Some facts from the leaks were legitimate, and some were not. So, while we can’t entirely trust leaks, we can’t completely dispose of them either.

House of Dragons

Since the possibility of a Game of Thrones prequel was first mentioned by HBO, fans have been in suspense while waiting for the release. HBO had released a few teasers before, but on July 20, the official trailer was released, and it sent social media agog.

A Redditor released a detailed leak of the plot of the HBO series. While fans were still debating whether it was legitimate or fake, Reddit’s legal team took down the post and suspended the account. These actions are believed to be in response to a DMCA notice from HBO to Reddit. All these events only make the leak appear more legitimate.

The leaks suggest that the plot of the series follows the exact storyline in the adapted book series, “A Song of Ice and Fire”. Apparently, the Targaryens have been aware of the Whitewalker’s attack for years. Aegon was planning against it by uniting the Kingdoms.

It is also reported that siblings Laena and Laenor would die in episodes 6 and 7, respectively. The Battle at Storm’s End would be the concluding battle of the series in episode 10.


Loki Season 2 has also received a lot of hype from Marvel fans. The leaks of Loki are still mostly rumors, and Marvel has not even moved an inch to deny the leaks. However, if they are legitimate, it could mean a lot for the Marvel universe.

Based on the leaks, Loki could get the regular Thor back as he breaks the spell that made him Throg. Also, it is alleged that Loki tries to defeat the new “He Who Remains,” but he loses and is sent to Earth 616. The leaks also suggest that a central character dies in the series. Fans assume that the character to be killed off is Sylvie.

The series will not be released until 2023, so fans still have some months to hope for a more detailed leak from the series.

Final thoughts on Leaked Plotlines of 2022

Leaked movie plots have become common in 2022 because fans just can’t stand the suspense of waiting. If you are impatient and don’t like waiting, we suggest you find a series that has already been completed to avoid spoilers. Also, did you know that you can find slot games based on some of your favourite TV series online? For more information, see this page.