Following Episode 4, House of the Dragon viewership increased by 5%

Between Episodes 3 and 4, House of the Dragon’s viewership rose by 5%. According to Nielsen, linear watching of the show stayed largely stable, with 2.474 million viewers on Sunday compared to 2.536 million viewers across four cable airings for the episode a week ago. However, it was established that the entire U.S. viewership of the series is up 5% week over week when streaming on HBO Max and other HBO platforms are taken into account.

Episode 4 with the title King of the Narrow Sea debuted on Sunday night during Week 1 of Sunday Night Football on NBC. The remainder of Season 1 will feature simultaneous broadcasts of both shows. In addition, House of the Dragon has some competition from a program on its own network: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver made its HBO debut on Sunday night after a two-week hiatus, pushing the repeat airings of Episode 4 to later timeslots.

Warner Bros. Discovery is pleased with this week’s minor improvement because the cable audience for Episode 3’s Labour Day Weekend premiere dropped last week. Therefore, the fact that the show presently seems to be maintaining its audience is encouraging for both House of the Dragon and the Game of Thrones series as a whole.

We’re sure that you know by now, House of Dragon is Game of Thrones’ prequel. After the end of this famous series which took the world by storm, House of Dragon was promised to fill in Game of Thrones’ void and fans of the show have been waiting for its arrival ever since. Game of Thrones was the 5th most popular TV series in the US and 4th when compared worldwide. The series was 78 times more in demand than your average series. Everything under the sun can have a Game of Thrones team from clothing to action figures. All around the world, in places where Game of Thrones was shot, there are tours to take you to the designated places. The series also took its popularity to the entertainment industry with video games made based on the series and also s slot game by Microgaming, a software developer that provides the best slots for the top PayPal casinos in the US.

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Additionally, delayed broadcasting of earlier House of the Dragon episodes has increased the number of watchers. WBD’s chief financial officer Gunnar Wiedenfels reports that the premiere episode, which launched to 10 million viewers and was already HBO’s most-watched premiere of all time, has already been viewed by more than 30 million people.

A second season of House of the Dragon has already been promised.