SSR Movies Download Hollywood Tv Series HD Movies


SSR Movies Download Hollywood Tv Series HD Movies

SSRMovies is a website which releases pirated movies, web series as well as TV shows. These can be downloaded for free from this website. It contains a vast collection of movies and series of Bollywood, Hollywood, and other regional genres. With increasing interest in movies and series, there is also an increase in the demand for these types of websites.

Unlike paid subscriptions like Hotstar premium, Netflix, AltBalaji, Amazon Prime,  SSRmovies have no limitations in downloading videos. There is no signup process on the website, you just simply land on the page, search for a movie or series and can download as many movies you can from all over the world without any restrictions.


These illegal websites are banned by the governing bodies of the country, but due to their free and limitless services, they are the most populated websites on the Internet.

SSRMovies in India

These banned websites frequently change their domain extensions. If the movies are not accessible, then viewers also access it by proxy servers. Along with the illegality, these websites also have many types of viruses, which can enter your system and may damage or steal your personal information.

Impact on revenue

The film industry is one of the largest industries to generate revenue from its releases. Most users download the movies or web series from these websites like SSRMovies in good quality and then sell to many customers.

This business has been continuing for a few decades now. This is one of the major factors which leads to low revenue from particular release. According to a report, the Indian film and entertainment industry loses approximately 3 billion dollars of their annual revenue due to piracy.

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Government action to control movie piracy

In the year 2019, the government took major actions on these illegal websites. The government introduced Cinematograph Amendment Bill in 2019 and amended the Cinematograph Act of 1952, which is the addition of section 6AA in the Act. The only aim of these bills was to control the replicating or recording the movies or series, usually in cinema halls.

There are two parts to the passed bill. The first part of the bill to make the piracy illegal and the second one to punish the owner of the website or any entity who was indulged in this. The bill says “If anybody violates these provisions of the bill, the person shall be punishable with an imprisonment of 3-year term or a fine of 10 lakhs .”


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