Toor Net worth and Update

Toor Net worth and Update

Today’s generation entirely depends on advanced technology, whether related to their work or for any other purpose. So, here in this article, we will discuss one such application, named, “Toor” which was also a part of the advanced technology, which especially focuses on the advancement in the field of real estate business.

Toor Company Details
Founder Junior Desinor
Founded March, 2016
Company Name Level Properties for real estate business,
Toor on Kickstarter
Location Texas
Product Lockbox Device
Appearance in Reality Shows Shark Tank Season 8,
Episode 8
Asked for Investment $5,00,000 for 10% Equity
Finalised the deal $2,00,000 for 10% Equity and $3,00,000 for Loan
Sharks Kevin O’Leary,
Barbara Corcoran
Business Status Not Active
Official website
Instagram username @juniordesinor
Twitter Username @junior_desinor
YouTube Channel @juniordesinor3683
Net Worth (2023) $2 Million USD


“Toor” focuses on each basic requirement of the real-estate person. The application is useful to all those people who are associated with the real estate business, whether it is a brokers, sellers, or agents. The main function of “Toor” is that it provides security to all real estate businesses, by offering the Lockbox function which you can also access with the help of your smartphone. 

So, let’s start this article by knowing the actual meaning of the “Toor” application.

What is Toor?

The “Toor” is a smart lockbox application, which permits you to access your house key by using your smartphone application. This application was invented by Junior Desinor, in the year 2018.

As stated above, this application is very useful for all those people who are engaging themselves in real estate activities.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Toor Application:

Advantages of the Toor Application:

  1. It is a completely user-friendly application.
  2. Also offers a variety of colors option to the user.
  3. Users can take the advanced feature benefit of the application, by paying a small subscription amount.

Disadvantages of the Toor Application:

  1. One can easily operate others’ profiles with the help of an application.
  2. It lacks water consistency.

Who is the Founder of Toor?

Junior Desinor is the founder of the “Toor” application. He lived in Haitian, where he find so much struggle for working, like there is no proper place to work so he decided to move to Texas, with his parents in search of a better lifestyle. 

Junior Desinor started his first-ever business when he was just 18, and owns his first property in the same year. Other than this, he was also a president of the real estate organization. 

In the year 2008, he got a license for his real estate business, and he became the youngest agent in the field of real estate business. He also worked with Keller Williams Realty, Inc. for a few years.

After years of experience in the field of real estate business, Junior Desinor established his real estate company, named, “Level Properties,” in the year 2011.

This firm is still providing services to its clients. Moreover to that, in 2013, Junior Desinor made a huge success after selling a property for over $100 Million. 

How Does Establishing Toor Begin?

After having a personal real estate experience for 14 years, Desinor identifies that the recent real estate process was slow going, and very time-consuming. For instance, if anyone wants to purchase a house or vice versa, then they first have to appoint an agent who has a piece of proper knowledge regarding the real estate firm, then they met with the clients, and whatnot. 

Thus, to avoid such a long process, Junior Desinor decides to introduce an application through which the client can easily able to talk with the agent without taking much time.

So, by focusing on this particular goal Desinor introduced an application, named, “Toor” in the year 2016, and targeted all the real estate brokerages. After inventing the application, he also joined a campaign, named, “Kickstarter Campaign,” for raising the fund for the application, and the company made $100,412 in pre-sale itself.

 Toor Appearances in Shark Tank Season 8:

As the founder Junior Desinor was not able to raise enough funds, then he decided to take a part in one of the American reality shows, named, “Shark Tank,” and asked the investment help for the sharks. So, he appeared in season 8 of Shark Tank, demanding $5,00,000 for 10% equity. 

We all know that there are only a few investors who are taking the risk of investing in any new startup. A similar situation happened in the case of the “Toor” application. As it is a new startup all sharks are quite afraid of doing investment, because some of the sharks find no uniqueness in the “Toor” application, while some are doubting their market values.

Although, after sawing the demonstration of the application, sharks Barbara Corcoran, and Kevin together make an offer for Junior Desinor, which was $200,000 in cash, and a loan of $300,000 for 10% equity. This offer is quite shocking, but Junior accept the offer.

Toor Net Worth:

As of now, the net worth of the “Toor” application is around $2 Million, and it is not a part of the current business world. As the firm is unable to sell the application in this competitive market.

Now, let’s see the past few years’ net worth’s of the “Toor” application:

  • Toor’s net worth before taking a part in the reality show, “Shark Tank” was 1 Million USD.
  • After Shark Tank till the year 2020, “Toor’s” net worth is USD 2,00,000.
  • The current Net worth of “Toor” is more than $2 Million. 

Toor Latest Updates (2023):

The “Toor” uses its official website “Toor. Today,” and Amazon, to sell its products. Also, the application got 2 rating stars from its 17 buyers.

But, as per our current report, Took Lockbox has just sold its products, and its sales revenue has started declining. Currently, it has just a $200 net worth and is making zero revenue.

According to some sources, they said the main reason behind the failure was that the founder had never delivered its product to the market and had already taken $9000 orders from their customers, but they never delivered it to them. Thus, they have to refund all the money back to their customers. 

So, unfortunately, the current business status of this product is not active, and investors who invest their money in this product also have to face loss. 

Final Words:

The “Toor” application was founded by one of the reputed real estate business personalities named, “Junior Desinor” in the year 2016. The primary purpose of introducing the “Toor” application was to help all those people who are engaged in real state activities. 

The application was also featured in one of the reality shows of America, named, “Shark Tank.” Yet, after that too, the firm is not able to make much profit and is unable to give cut-throat competition to the market. So, at the present moment, it is only available on its official website, and on