RokBlok Net worth and Update – Logan Riley

RokBlok Net worth and Update – Logan Riley

With the help of the latest technology and creativity, people have constantly engaged themselves in making something innovative. “RokBlok” is one of the innovative products which was created by “Logan Riley” under his first start-up named, “Pink Donut.”

RokBlok Company Details
Founder Logan Riley
Founded July 2015
Company Name RokBlok
Location San Francisco
Product Wireless Record Player
Appearance in Reality Shows Shark Tank Season 9,
Episode 13
Asked for Investment $3,00,000 for 15% Equity
Finalized the deal $5,00,000 for 100% Equity
Shark Robert Herjavec
Business Status Active
Official website
Twitter Username @loganknowitall
Net Worth (2020) 2 Million USD
Net Worth (2023) 5 Million USD


People saw the first featuring image of the “RokBlok” product in December 2017, when the founder “Logan Riley” came in one of the American reality shows, “Shark Tank.”

It is a place where people show their creativity by making unique products in front of investors, called, “Sharks” and based on their creativity, “Sharks” invest some of their amounts to increase the product’s brand and market value. 

But, before moving ahead with the success story of RokBlok products, let’s take a look at the struggling story of its founder “Logan Riley.”

Who is the founder of RokBlok?

Logan Riley is the founder of RokBlok products. He is from San Francisco, California. He took his education from the Southern Nevada college, and SFSU; and became an audio engineer.

Logan Riley’s passion for learning new things is highly appreciable, as Logan Riley himself taught an electrical engineering course with the help of YouTube videos.

Riley started his career at one of the biggest tech companies named, “Apple,” where he worked as a Mac Specialist, and also plays the role of a leading member in his creative team.

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After working for nine years with “Apple,” firm, he left the company and found more ways towards making his career stronger, and inventing some of his own work.

Later on, in 2015, he founded an idea company, named, “Pink Donut.” As an entrepreneur, he failed many a time for creating a new product. Yet, he never-give-up and constantly searched ways for to make an innovative product.

After getting failed for a few times, a Sudden idea clicked in his mind which was related to the rapidly increasing demand for portable music players. 

What is RokBlok?

RokBlok is the world’s smallest wireless record player for vinyl. It looks like a honeycomb. The product was developed by using Bluetooth Delivery System Technology and invented by Pink Donut Company.


RokBlok is the second invented product of the Pink Donut Company. The beginning rate of RokBlok was only $99, and the product is less costly than other music players. 

Creating Process of RokBlok:

After realizing the demand for portable music players, Logan Riley decided to make a wireless, and affordable music player for all those people are love to hear vintage recorded songs.

Then, he developed the Blok, which is a type of portable music player, that works around to a disc and sounds like an amplifier.

The best thing about his invention is that, it is wireless, and also easily connects with any Bluetooth device. He invested his own $2000 to make this product.

Not only that, but in the year 2016, when he needs more money to make his product successful he decided to start a campaign for collecting the fund.

The name of the Campaign was a “Kickstarter Campaign,” and raised the fund of $3,50,000. Still, he is not satisfied with the funding. Riley believes that he needs more funds to make his product successful. So, Logan Riley take a part in one of the reality shows, named, “Shark Tank.”

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RokBlok Shark Tank Success:

As previously discussed, people saw the first ever featured image of RokBlok on December 2017, when the owner Logan Riley appeared in one of the American Reality Shows, named, “Shark Tank.” He demanded $3,00,000 for 15% equity.

Afterward, had given a demonstration of his product “RokBlok,” to the sharks. 

Everyone was so impressed with the product as it is less expensive plus has many unique features, such as Bluetooth facility, wireless system, and many more.

Without wasting a time, the first offer was dropped by Barbara Corcoran, and following her, another offer was made by Kevin O’Leary which was of $3,00,000 for 50% of the ownership.

However, Robert Herjavec presented a very unique offer infront of Logan Riley. The offer was quite shocking as it is related to buying the company of Logan Riley.

Not only that, but he also offers a $5 per unit perpetuity royalty to Riley, and also came up with two years employment contract with a six-figure salary. 

As, Logan Riley finds these offers interesting, and without taking a moment to think. He said yes to the Robert Herjavec Offer. 

RokBlok Net Worth:

The estimated Net worth of RokBlok is $5 Million in the year 2023. In addition to this, the product gains more popularity after being featured in Shark Tank shows and selling approx 100-200 units per day. RokBlok’s net revenue instantly increased to $9,59,000.

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Before appearing on the show, the net worth of the firm “Pink Donut” was around $3,50,000 which was immediately doubled after getting much positive response from their sharks and other people too.

Latest Updated Regarding the RokBlok Product:

RokBlok is still present in this competitive market and giving cutthroat competition to other similar products. Logan Riley uses platforms like Amazon, and its official websites to sell the RokBlok product.

As of now, the RokBlok is out of stock, but the company is still accepting the order and trying to fulfill the order on time. The firm, “Pink Donut,” started collaborations with the music industries too. 

Other than this Logan Riley also invented a new product, named, “Snapbacks,” in the year 2022. He also started a new campaign for SnapBacks.

But he didn’t get enough response from the people, and only raised the fund of $4000 which is far lesser than his goal of $15,000. So, the Kickstarter campaign canceled the project at the end of 2022.

RokBlok Key Achievements:

  • In the year 2016, it generated a fund of $3,50,000 with the help of a campaign. 
  • In the year 2017, the product appeared on one of the American reality shows, named, “Shark Tank.” this is the only product, that got many offers from all the sharks. 


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