His & Her Bar Net Worth and Update:

His & Her Bar Net Worth and Update:

His and Her Bar was established as a lifestyle snack bar, which includes all the healthy ingredients and has a better taste. It is the world’s first aphrodisiac medicine. The main purpose behind introducing this bar is to boost sexual desires and impart healthy snacks.

His and Her Bar Product Details
Founder Jennifer and Michael Gallagher
Founded In 2020
Location South Florida
Product Lifestyle Snacks Bar
Appearance in Reality Shows Shark Tank, Season-12,
Episode 10
Asked for Investment $50,000 for 10% Equity
Finalized the deal No Offers
Sharks No Sharks
Business Status Out of Business (From February, 2022)
Official website www.hisandherbar.com
Instagram ID @iamjengallagher
Net Worth (2023) Previously $5,00,000 USD
In 2022, $3 Million USD
Out of Business


It is completely a gluten-free, and non-GMO product. The founder uses a very special ingredient, named, “Maca” which is a type of sweet root vegetable, also known as “Peruvian Viagra. The main usage of Maca was to enhance sexual desire and also help in balancing a healthy body. 

Now, Read this article, carefully to learn more about the product, “His and Her Bar.”

What is His and Her Bar?

“His and Her Bar” is a gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO snack bar that is made up of using all-natural and healthy ingredients to enhance sexual desire, and it is the world’s first snack bar to have an “Aphrodisiac Effect.”

As previously discussed, it uses one of the best ingredients which is known as Maca to increase fertility, and sexual desire, also imparting stamina and strength. Many people had described the taste of the bar, which is quite based on sweetness, creamy, and a bit spicy due to the usage of the ingredient Cayenne Pepper.

Now, let’s discuss the name of a few other ingredients which are a part of “His and Her Bar.”

  1. Dates,
  2. Chocolates,
  3. Vanilla,
  4. Almonds,
  5. Maca Root,
  6. Cayenne Pepper for giving a spicy taste
  7. Cashews. Etc., are a part of His and Her Snack Bar ingredients.

Advantages and Disadvantages of His and Her Bar:

Advantages of His and Her Bar:

  1. It is a distinctive product.
  2. World’s first snack bar having an “Aphrodisiac effect.”
  3. Sweet and healthy to eat.
  4. Affordable price, so anyone can consume it.
  5. Also, it provides good customer service.

Drawbacks of His and Her Bar:

  1. The only drawback of “His and Her Snack Bar” is that it is not suitable for all seasons. 

Who Invented His & Her Bar?

“His and Her Bar” was introduced by two young couples, named, Jennifer and Michael Gallagher. Michael was an ex-Navy officer for a few years, while Jennifer was a sales and marketing expert. The couple is taking much care of their physical health, like they are daily followings their routine, adding healthy food, etc. 

The very first time, the idea of introducing the “His and Her Bar,” is sparked in the mind of Jennifer, when they both are out running. Afterward, she shared her idea with her husband Michael and both started collecting the ingredients for their product.

In the year 2019, their product is almost ready to serve. They are just waiting for a testing report for their ingredients, and once the test is approved they have launched their product in the market in the year 2020. The price of 12 bar box was $44.28, i.e. $3.69 for an individual bar or they have also given an option of a three-month subscription which costs $39.995 to their customer.

His and Her Bar Appearance in Shark Tank Season 12:

After launching their product, the couple featured in ABC’s reality show, “Shark Tank,” Season-12, Episode-10, for demanding more investment from the Shark for their product. Also, the impressive thing about this episode is that the couple presented the entire product description in a very unique way, i.e. by dancing and based on musical notes. 

Later on, giving an impressive demonstration and samples of their bar to the sharks. They ask for the help of $50,000 for 10% of Equity from the Sharks. After testing the product, all sharks found the creamy and spicy taste of the product; and asked them to share the calories that each bar contains. 

In reply to that, the couple said that each snack bar contains 220 calories, which is a very high consumption rate. Also, the couple explains the specialty of their product, i.e., its Maca ingredients, they said that this ingredient helps you to increase your stamina, as well as it enhanced sexual desire, and keeps your body healthy.

They have also shared their selling price, i.e. 12 bars at $44.28, and if any customer takes a three-month subscription, then it would cost them $39.99. As we have discussed earlier, Jennifer is an expert in sales and marketing, she made the strategy also to sell their product to each retail store. 

All sharks are very impressed with the product, they feel the product is unique and interesting. But, then too no sharks are ready to invest in this product. So, the couple didn’t get any deal offers from the sharks.

His & Her Bar Net Worth 2022:

At the time of Shark Tank, the couple have asked for an investment of $50,000 for a 10% Equity, but they didn’t get any offer from the shark. So, as of the 2022 report, the product’s net worth was $3 Million.

His & Her Bar News:

As of 2021, the functions of the firm were running smoothly, also their marketing strategy is good.

But in the year 2022, the couple dropped the message on their official Instagram, that they are shutting off their business, without mentioning any reason, and moving towards starting a new venture. Other than this, we don’t have any updates regarding the product, “His and Her Bar.”

His & Her Bar Latest Updates (2023):

His & Her Bar is a unique product with a scarce competitive market. Still, as we know, the founder of the product shared the news on their official social media account that they were shouting down their business even though their market is well marketing. And the couple has chosen another company, W’our biz Venture.

And according to some of our sources, we learned that the last updated net worth of his & her bar was $5,00,000. After that, the couple has not shared any details on social media sites. So, we need help to collect their current product information.

Five Interesting Facts about His & Her Bar:

Now, here we have a few interesting facts about “His and Her Bar.”:

  • Jennifer got an idea, about introducing the product, while she and her husband out for a run.
  • It is the first ever snack bar that gives an “aphrodisiac effect.”

  • Jennifer is from sales, and marketing background, while Michael was an ex-navy officer, also he has an immense love for wine, so he started the show called, “Mr. Wine Guy Product,” in which they take interviews with some famous personalities. 
  • The Snack bar contains all the healthy ingredients in it.
  • The couple has no competitive market for their product “His and Her bar.”

Final Words:

The product, “His and Her Bar,” was launched by a younger couple named, Jennifer and Michael. The product is related to a healthy life, and also helps you to enhance your sexual desires. They consist of all the healthy ingredients making the product also the price were affordable for the people.

Taking this article into consideration, we have discussed all the essential information regarding the product, “His and Her Bar,” including its advantages and disadvantages, a few interesting facts, its Shark Featuring’s, the latest updates, and many other things which you need to know about the product, “His and Her Bar.”