Linda Ronstadt Biography – Net Worth and Everything You Want to Know

Linda Ronstadt Biography – Net Worth and Everything You Want to Know

Linda Maria Ronstadt is one of the most prominent singers, songwriters, and record producers ever. She is 76 years old and resides in Arizona, United States. 

Linda Ronstadt Personal Details
Real Name Linda Maria Ronstadt
Nickname The Queen of Country Rock, The Queen of Rock, The First Lady of Rock
Father Name Gilbert Ronstadt
Mother Name Ruth Mary
Siblings Peter Ronstadt (Brother)
Michael J. Ronstadt (Brother)
Gretchen Ronstadt (Sister)
Gender Female
Date of Birth 15 July 1946
Age 76 years (in 2023)
Birthplace Tucson, Arizona, United States
Residence Arizona, United States
Marital Status Unmarried
Children Mary Clementine Ronstadt (Adopted Daughter)
Carlos Ronstadt (Adopted Son)
Relation Jerry Brown
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Nationality American
Religion / Faith Atheist
Education Catalina Magnet High School
Arizona State University
Height 1.58 m (5′ 1″ in feet)
Weight 60 kgs
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Grey

In her music career, Linda has received immense love and respect from her fans, and not only that, but she also won numerous aw ards for her euphonious songs. 

Linda is so famous in the country that she is regarded as ‘The Queen of Rock Music.’ As of now (2023), Linda holds a net worth of more than $130 million US dollars. 

This blog post will give you all the necessary information about Linda Ronstadt. We have included her biography, music career, net worth, and achievements so you can know about the ‘First Lady of Rock,’ Linda Ronstadt. 

Who is Linda Ronstadt?

Linda Ronstadt was born in Arizona, United States, on July 15, 1946. She is a renowned singer, songwriter, musician, and actress. She has been nominated for various awards. Even she was also nominated for the Grammy Awards. Not only that, but she also won 12 Grammy Awards out of her 16 nominations. 

Linda is famous for her versatile music performances. Her music genre includes rock, country, pop, and light opera. Linda has also collaborated with artists such as Better Midler, Rosemary Clooney, John R. Cash, Nelson Smock Riddle Jr, and many others.

Apart from her music career, she is famous for contributing to the film industry. Linda has performed in various theater dramas and movies.

Linda Ronstadt Early Life

Linda Ronstadt came from Arizona, United States. Her father, Gilbert Ronstadt, was a machinery merchant, and her mother, Ruth Mary, was a homemaker. Her father belonged to an Arizona ranching family, and he had mixed Mexican and German ancestry. 

From an early age, Linda was surrounded by music and instruments. “I don’t record any type of music that I didn’t hear in my family’s living room by the time I was 10.” – Linda stated while talking about her early influences. 

In her growing phase, she listened to many types of music, especially the Mexican music. After listening to her songs, we can say that Linda was greatly influenced by Mexican music in her childhood. Mexican music was also a staple ingredient for her entire family. 

Linda Ronstadt Personal Life

At the beginning of the mid-1970s, Linda’s life took an exciting turn. Her private life became public, and by that time, everyone knew about her relationship with the then Governor of California, Jerry Brown. 

Later, in 1983, Linda engaged George Lucas, the Star Wars director. However, in the 1990s, she adopted a baby daughter, Mary Clementine Ronstadt, and after four years, she adopted a baby boy, Carlos Ronstadt. 

Interestingly, even after remaining in relationships with top-profile personalities, Linda remained unmarried. Moreover, Linda moved to San Francisco after living for almost three decades in Los Angeles. 

Linda went through difficult times too. In 2013, Linda revealed she was dealing with Parkinson’s disease, so she left singing. Apart from her music career, Linda was also associated with political activism.

Linda Ronstadt Music Career

Linda started her music career in her teenage. In 1969, she launched her first solo album ‘Hand Sown… Home Grown’ This album was released by Capitol Records. 

Linda Ronstadt Professional Details
Occupation Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer, Musician, Actress
Source of Income Commercial Music Songs and Shows
Popular Songs Long Long Time (1970),
Hurt so Bad (1980),
Don’t Know Much (1989),
When Will I Be Loved (2020),
Popular Studio Albums Get Closer (1982),
We Ran (1998),
A Merry Little Christmas (2000),
Hummin’ to Myself (2004)
Awards and Achievements Grammy Awards,
Latin Grammy Awards
Primetime Emmy Awards
Instagram Username @lindaronstadtmusic
Twitter Username @ronstadtlinda
Official Website
Net Worth $130 Million (in 2023)

Moreover, she recorded some of her evergreen songs during this period.  In 1971, Linda was nominated for the Best Contemporary Vocal Performance Award for her song, ‘Long Long Time. ’ 

Her beautiful voice, music, and courage helped her to win many hearts. Through her music, she not only earned wealth and fame but also earned respect from the industry. 

She started to be recognized by her other names, such as, ‘The Queen of Country Rock,’ ‘The Queen of Rock, ‘The First Lady of Rock’ and especially, ‘The Interpreter Singer of All Time,’ 

Linda is a die-hard fan of Mexican singer Lola Beltran and French singer Edith Piaf. In an interview, Linda stated that she had recorded those genres of music that had been part of their family routine. 

Over the years, she has recorded many songs, including rhythm and blues (R&B), gospel, opera, country, and more. 

Linda Ronstadt Movies and Televisions 

No doubt, Linda Ronstadt is known as ‘The Most Successful Female Singer of The 1970s,’ but she is also known for her exceptional contribution to various movies and television shows. 

Linda stepped into the drama industry in the year 1968-69. She played the role of herself in ‘Its Happening.’ we can also see her various movies and shows such as ‘The Johhny Cash Show,’ ‘Playboy After Dark,’ ‘Saturday Night Live,’ ‘ Great Performances’ and more.

Linda Ronstadt Studio Albums

Linda has released many studio albums. In 1969, she dropped her first studio album ‘Hand Sown…Home Grown.’ Later, she released various solo studio albums, including Silk Purse (1970), Don’t Cry Now (1973), Get Closer (1982), Cry Like a rainstorm, Howl Like the Wind (1989), and many others. 

Other than studio albums, Linda Ronstadt also launched her live album, ‘Live in Hollywood’ in 2019. Moreover, she also collaborated with many artists on her famous songs. For instance, in 1987, Linda announced her collaborative album ‘Trio’ with American singers Dolly Parton and Emmylou Harris.

Linda Ronstadt Net Worth 2023

Linda Maria Ronstadt is better known for her versatility and unmatched singing performances. With time, Linda has earned money through her music. 

As of now (2023), Linda Ronstadt’s net worth reached $130 million.

Linda Ronstadt Awards and Achievements 

As of 2023, Linda Ronstadt is 76 years, and in her music career, she earned various awards. In 2011, Linda was honored with the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award in Latin Grammy Awards. She was also nominated for Tony Awards for ‘Best Performance by A Leading Actress in A Musical for her The Pirates of Penzance work. 

Interestingly, Linda earned twelve Grammy Awards out of her sixteen nominations. She received her first Grammy Award in 1976 for ‘I Can’t Help It (If I’m Still in Love With You).

Apart from that, Linda also received Grammy Awards for her various songs and album, such as ‘Don’t Know Much,’ ‘Frenesi,’ ‘Dedicated to the One I Love,’ and more.  

Final Thoughts 

So that’s the outro of this blog post. Linda Ronstadt is one of the most consistent artists of this era. Her songs represent her childhood, the city from where she came from, and her perspective on a beautiful life. 

We can not include all the information about her, especially for a personality who has received many awards and recognition worldwide. Still, we have provided all the necessary details on Linda Ronstadt you want to know as a fan. 

We hope you have enjoyed this article, and when we get further information about Linda Rostadtt, we will add it here.

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