The Dos and Don’ts of Betting on CS_GO

Over a decade ago the gaming world was captured by one of the most successful games ever – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO). The game’s popularity is growing over time, attracting more and more fans of eSport. However, the viewership doesn’t stop with the matches only, as the popularity of the game gave a boost to one of the most successful combos in the eSport reality – gaming, and gambling. CS: GO now gives an opportunity to anticipate the results of the matches, and gain profit.

CS: GO gambling is relatively new, however, it has already captivated a great deal of audience and become a staple for the majority of traditional bookmakers. Unlike regular gambling, CS: GO requires proper knowledge of the game and its strategies, otherwise, the whole experience will become overwhelming from the very first moment.

CS: GO betting is certainly lots of fun and excitement, however, nobody is loss-proof, therefore, get acquainted with the rules, before immersing into this atmosphere. 

DO – explore the basics

Forewarned – forearmed. CS: GO betting, especially for beginners, requires patience, time, and proper skills. Shallow knowledge of the game strategy and the pro performers will play a bad joke. First of all, research the teams, their history of matches, victory stats, overall results, and rankings. Moreover, you need to check up on all the changes in the teams, as the player replacement can influence the forthcoming games, making some dramatic shifts even in the most promising CSGO odds.

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Do – explore the betting platforms

The surge in eSport gave also a push to the development of betting platforms. Although they serve one goal, the offers are different. The fresh-bettor needs to get acquainted with the deposit bonuses, promo codes, odds, selling points, reviews, FAQs, and even the layout of the website. Afterward, compare the data and choose the most appealing option. 

The betting platform must also be safe and secure, to make sure your rights as a gambler are protected. The basic list of security options:

  • Gambling license from the most authoritative organizations – MGA, the UK Gambling Commission, Gibraltar license, the government of Curacao;
  • Security measures – the usage of SSL encryption and firewall;
  • Reliable and fast paying methods – prepaid vouchers, online banking, E-wallets, reputable credit and debit card. 
  • Strong reputation. 

Among other options to expect – live betting, a variety of other games, sports bonuses, early cash-out, and specific offers of the platform.

Do – learn the odds

The begging of the betting adventure may seem truly daunting – too many things to learn and understand. However, without them, the journey will give disappointment and losses. 

When researching CS: GO gambling you will always encounter the ‘odds’ being mentioned. In simple terms, odds represent the chances for a certain outcome. The higher the probability, the higher the odds, and vice versa. As a rule, betting platforms use decimal odds. 

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The odds can be counted with a simple equation – Bet x Odds = Payout

Say, we have Team A and Team B:

The odds of A are – 1.15, and the odds of B are – 2.5. 

If you bet 10 per team A, you will have 11.50, if per team B you will earn 25.

Do – consider the odd risks

Betting starts with small steps and isn’t always about the odds. In some cases, the team with the high odds may lose, just because they have a replacement, or they have cracks in the armor, etc. ‘Real’ odds are based on your knowledge and data processing. It isn’t always a good idea to place the bet on the top-tier teams, as the underdogs may perform better, bringing a more significant profit. 

Don’t – go for broke

A lot of beginners want to rely on luck, however, this is the least preferable option. Placing everything at once, because of the ‘good feeling’ will almost certainly lead to loss, and thus, disappointment and frustration. 

Don’t make irrational decisions and unresearched bets, as it’s a clear way for draining your budget.

CS: GO betting requires learning and observation, to understand this whole world and its functionality. 

Don’t – bet on unknown teams

Two random teams with really tempting odds may be nothing but a trap. Avoid such reckless decisions, as they may lead to losses. Watch the matches, analyze the gaming pace, and only then make up your mind. It is highly recommended to start with well-recognizable teams, as it is easier to predict their performance. Gradually, after learning all the ins and outs of the game pace and betting, you may start discovering other options. 

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Don’t – cooperate with unknown platforms

This is just a security measure. Check all the safety requirements of the platform, to make sure you are covered. Those who violate security measures, despite all the attractive offers, must be ignored.

CS: GO betting may be an exciting way to fill up your wallet. The system is quite similar to the one with regular types of sport. However, it is important to be vigilant and not to let the game take over you, practise mindful and responsible betting. Learn the basics and strategies of Counter-Strike first, watch and manage your time and learn from your mistakes. It is important to be ready for losses psychologically and financially, as the learning curve is quite steep, and even seasoned gamers experience failures. Yet, upon learning the system, the game will bring both – pleasure, from watching the games, and profit, from successful bets. 


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