What Highway Casino bonuses are and why they are needed

For Highway Casino, bonuses are the main mechanism for attracting and retaining customers. Competent bonus system Highway Casino promo 2023 is a relatively fair way to stand out among competitors.

Types of online casino bonuses

All Highway Casino bonuses can be divided into two types: for new customers and for those who already have an account. The task when working casino with newcomers is the same: it is necessary that the player went to the site, made an account there and made a deposit. But in working with existing customers points of application of efforts is much more.

  • Freespins. Freespin called a free spin of the slot or (less often) roulette. In the form of freespins casinos can give all types of bonuses;
  • Bonus for registration. This bonus can be understood in two ways. Some have in mind the totality of all offers for new customers. Others – specifically a casino promotion that gives something only for registration, that is, before making a deposit. Most often it will be freespins;
  • First Deposit Bonus. This is often the company’s flagship offer: with the largest amount and conditions. You get a bonus depending on the amount of the deposit. Be sure to pay attention not only to the amount and number of freespins, but also to the restrictions that this bonus imposes;
  • No Deposit Bonus. This is a more accurate name for a signup bonus that does not involve transferring money to your Highway Casino account. In most cases, you will get a modest number of freespins, and all winnings, if any, will need to be wagered with a stiff wager. A good option if the no-deposit is offered for installing the application – in this case, the conditions are usually milder;
  • Loyalty program. Under this name are collected all bonuses intended for players who already have an account with a certain amount on it: points for activity, contests, tournaments. And, of course, cashback;
  • Cashback. It is considered by many to be the most honest bonus for existing clients. This is a certain percentage of the amount of losses that the online casino is ready to return to the player. Sometimes in the form of freespins, sometimes in the form of direct deposit, but with restrictions on withdrawal;
  • Referral Bonus. This is also a bonus for current players: if someone you know registers at Highway Casino using your referral link, the casino will reward both parties. You can get a share of the first month’s losses, while the newcomer can get extra freespins.

The main conditions for receiving and using bonuses

It is important to keep two things in mind:

  • The channels of communication of online casinos with new and existing customers are different: a player who has an account and has seen how the casino works, it is much easier to explain for what and how he can get a bonus;
  • Attracting a new player is more profitable for the casino. The most monetary bonuses are formulated for them.

The consequence of this: there will be more conditions for new players, and you should grasp each one before signing up for a bonus: register or the more so transfer money to the account. In a licensed casino, you can always check the details with the support team.

The terms of specific programs can seriously differ, but here are a few general points.

Read the rules. It is important to know what rules you are playing by. This applies not so much to specific slots, but to the mechanism for resolving disagreements between the casino and the client.

If you are a new customer – be an honest new customer of Highway Casino. Provide only your documents for identification. Misleading casino security is always a bad idea. You will certainly be easily registered and most often allow you to deposit, but when trying to withdraw even a ruble can be insurmountable difficulties.

Remember the wager, this is the main condition of most bonuses. The wager means how many times you need to use the bonus amount on the machines so that the casino will transfer live money to the account, which can be withdrawn.

Restrictions on the time of the bonus. The most unpleasant surprise. Almost always wagering bonus is allowed only on certain slots. In the soft version, spins on other machines simply do not increase the wager. But there is a hard one: for the time of wagering, you simply lose the right to spin on machines outside the approved online casino list.

Maximum withdrawal limit. The vast majority of bonuses are set up so that you will not have to face this limitation. But nevertheless: you will often see in the terms and conditions of the clause “no more than the amount of the bonus”.

To enjoy Highway Casino bonuses, treat them right. Once again, the top three tips are:

  • read the rules;
  • use for familiarization;
  • remember the wager.

A bonus is a great way to test functionality and specific slots, risking a minimal amount of personal funds.


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