What!! Harry Potter Movies’ Actors Tom Felton and Emma Watson Are Dating? Here’s What We Know About It

Tom Felton and Emma Watson
Tom Felton and Emma Watson

The Famous Actors of the Movie Series “Harry Potter” are secretly Dating. If you are one of the Fans of the legendary movie then you must have a feeling of Surprise To Know That “Draco Malfoy” and “Hermione Granger” have something going on between them. Emma and Tom did monopolize the covers of most Magazines when there was a spectacularity of them being together.

Tom Felton and Emma Watson
Tom Felton and Emma Watson

However, we do not want you to think that they are actually dating nowadays as none of them confirms it. It was somewhat clear when the actor “Rupert Grint” Aka Ron Wisley did stoke the rumors about the couple. It is possible as they were starting the romance between them. Rupert told that Tom Felton often stops with Emma for teaching her to play the guitar.

At an Interview that was held back in 2012, Emma Watson did confess that she was in love with her partner since 2010. But they do not engage more as he saw Emma as her little sister. Back when watching the Harry Potter Movies, we all kind of think Harry and Hermione as a couple but later found that she was with Ron. Now it is undigestable that Emma and Tom Felton are dating.

Both the talented actors, Emma and Tom can be able to become the best perfect couple. As they both have a charming personality and great looks. When you look at some pictures of them together then you can surely imagine them happy with each other.

Recently, when someone did ask Rupert Grint whether it was true that Emma and Tom have some ongoing chemistry. When the artist confirms that there was a spark arousing between the two, is it true that they both like the fact?

Rupert confirms that there was something going on between them. He passes the topic as he did not want to make it famous. He also told that it was just like some romance in the playgrounds as they all were little children.

Back a Few Weeks, Emma did confess onscreen that she is in a relationship with herself when the topic of relationship arose. But it can not be a coincidence that Tom Felton also confesses the same as Emma Watson while an interview.

All the Fans, Friends, and Family Members know that Emma and Tom are charming and have a good heart. They both can be perfect for each other.

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