“The End Of The F***ing World” Season 3: Fans Are Left Disappointed By Netflix


Netflix’s One of The Most Popular British Dark Comedy Drama Television Series “The End Of The F***ing World” did release two successful seasons. It was nearly impossible for any series to give such a compellation in the second season. Although the second season is not more compelling than the first one. But it is also not less compelling than the previous season.


Season 1 has left the fans and viewers in a suspense. As a result, every viewer thinks that the story of Alyssa (Jessica Barden) and James (Alex Lawther) is over. The lead actor gets a shot to death in the first season. But however, if James survives in the second season then it will be injustice done to him.

Well, the show did return for the second season and we all love the way the directors presents season 2. James did survive the shot and was alive in the second season making it more interesting than ever. The newly added actor Bonnie(Naomi Ackie) did plot the murder of James and Alyssa in the entire season and thereby plays an important role in the season.

We know that the showrunners are able to continue the story of Alyssa and James. But it is certain that the show has ended as they announced it. The showrunners have the capacity to come up with an ingenious plant to continue the story without selling out. But it seems like the writers are not up for another thrilling season because of some reason.

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In a recent interview with Radio Times, The showrunner Charlie Covell did answer some of the important questions. She said that she likes it where they left the show. She thinks that it is over now and she will not try to make more out of it. Also, She did tell that if they were not allowed to do season 2 then she will be really gutted so she thinks that it was the right thing to do. In Addition, She says that obviously she can not write for what all the people want.

Charlie Covell sighs that she knows people may react negatively but she can not write more as it is not a fanfiction. So this amazing series “The End of The F***ing World” will not continue for the third season. It really disappoints the viewers such that they are showing their sigh and grief through social media.

We think that everyone should respect the decision of the writer. As she did make a story that makes you laugh, thrill, stun, etc in the series. We all have the option to watch the first 2 seasons anytime on Netflix.

If you did not watch this series “The End Of The F***king World”. Then you can watch it now, Just Click Here.

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