Viola Davis Steps Back From “G20” Despite Given SAG-AFTRA Waiver, WHY?

Viola Davis Steps Back From “G20” Despite Given SAG-AFTRA Waiver, WHY?

In the latest news, Oscar-winning actress Viola Davis was given a waiver to start filming for her upcoming project titled “G20.” But instead of moving forward with that, she has chosen to step back and stand with all the artists and writers currently on SAG-AFTRA Strike. So why did AMPTP give her the waiver? Let’s get to know everything about this. 

What is the Waiver?

It means actors not associated with SAG-AFTRA directly can start working on their upcoming movies/ series and more. It can include filming, editing, post-production, and more procedures. So there is an exemption for the projects not associated with SAF-AFTRA or any other significant studios or Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, i.e., AMPTP. Under this, various movies and series have been given waivers, and a few are already filming as per their schedule. 

What series/ movies are being filmed currently? 

Various movies have leading stars such as Anne Hathaway, Jenna Ortega, Matthew McConaughey, and more, and their productions have been given expansion waivers. Jenna Ortega is currently working with Paul Rudd on their Death of A Unicorn and is currently filming. Along with that, The Rivals of Azmiah King of McConaughey has also been offered clearance from SAG-AFTRA. So they are already filming for their associated projects. 

Unlike them, Viola Davis chose to stand with everyone at the picket line and not to start with her upcoming “G20.” When asked about it, she said, “I stand in solidarity with actors.’ She added, “I appreciate that the producers no the projects agree with this decision. JuVee Productions and I stand in solidarity with actors, SAG/ AFTRA, and the WGA.” 

She continued to discuss more concerning topics, such as how she thought that if all the actors stood together in the strike, it would force streamers and studios to act on some solution faster. But because some stars are allowed on their works, they are given the waiver so that the strike will get even more delayed. And it will take considerable time until this reaches a solution. 

How Many Movies Were Given Waivers?

More than 100 projects have been given the waiver to some Indie-loe budget movies and series. It includes Apple TV+’s Tehran, The Watchers, The Summer Book, Mother Mary, Death of a Unicorn, and more. This week, the series The Gray House was also given the agreement. Morgan Freeman and Kevin Costner produce it. Despite receiving waivers, some actors and artists are not happy about it. So let’s see how it plays out in the long run.