Dahaad Season 2 Release Date, Plot Synopsis, Cast Members, Trailer Updates, And Everything

Dahaad Season 2 Release Date, Plot Synopsis, Cast Members, Trailer Updates, And Everything

Regarding crime-thriller and suspense mystery drama series, Indian dramas hold the top positions. Since the OTT platforms and streaming services channels have worked on quality, cinephiles gravitate towards the shows. Today, we have one such Indian crime-thriller drama series titled ‘Dahaad.’ that has received a positive response from the audience, and millions of fans are eagerly waiting for the second season. 

Sonakshi Sinha, the famous Indian actress, played the role of the lead character, Anjali Bhaati. Overall the show has gathered a good response for the acting, direction, and storyline. On top of that, the show has also received 7.6/10 ratings on the IMDb platform, which indicates the show’s potential for a second season. 

If you have already enjoyed Indian -Hindi shows like The Family Man, Sacred Games, or movies like Mardaani, where a female cop is portrayed in a lead role. Amazon Prime’s Dahaad Season 1 will give you goosebumps through intense crime, thriller, and suspense drama. 

In this article, we have added all the necessary details that you need to know about Dahaad Season 2. Below, we have added a brief storyline, cast members’ list, trailer updates, and the possible release date for Dahaad Season 2. 

Dahaad Season 2 Release Date

The show makers released only one season of the Dahaad series, and many fans eagerly await the second season. The show’s first season premiered on Amazon Prime Video on May 12, 2023, and it’s relatively early to comment on the release date for the second season. 

However, the show might get released sometime in mid-2024. So, for now, the fans must wait at least a year to watch the second installment of the Dahaad series.

Dahaad Season 2 Plot Synopsis – Spoilers Ahead

Dahaad’s literal meaning is a roar, and in the first season, the plot revolves around a sub-inspector, Anjali Bhaati (Sonakshi Sinha). The storyline is set in a small village in Rajasthan where a strange incident shocked everyone.

In the first installment of the Dahaad series, Anjali Bhaati came across a case where almost twenty-seven women disappeared, and no one knew why. But later, Anjali found some clues on which basis she had figured out the common link among all the victims. The lead cop also learned about the well-planned and calculated mind games behind the disappearance of the women. 

On the one hand, our protagonist tried her best to solve the case simultaneously; she also fought against the traditional background of her village. In the first season, we have also been introduced to the harsh truth of society where Anjali faces discrimination due to her caste. But out of all the darkness, she is strong enough to spark light and perform her duty at her best. 

Apart from the lead charter, Dahaad Season 1 has also included Devi Lal Singh (Gulshan Devaiah), Anand Swarnaker (Vijay Varma), Harry (Mikhail Gandhi), Javed Lohar (Kaviraj Bhatia), and many others. 

Overall, Dahaad Season 1 is the complete set of crime, thriller, and mystery, and with a balanced combination of suspense, the show makers have successfully made the show worth watching. 

Dahaad Season 2 Cast Members List 

The show makers, Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti have featured many talented actors and actresses for the Dahaad Season 1. And since the show was premiered for the first season, fans have been highly excited to know about the cast members of the upcoming season.   

Unluckily, the show makers have not shared the official list of cast members for the upcoming season of the Dahaad series. Therefore, here we have added a complete list of cast members of Dahaad Season 1. The below-mentioned cast members are expected to return for the second season. 

  • Sonakshi Sinha as SI Anjali Bhaati (Anjali Meghwal)
  • Vijay Varma as Anand Swarnakar
  • Sohum Shah as SI Kailash Parghi
  • Gulshan Devaiah as SHO (Inspector Devi Lal Singh)
  • Zoa Morani as Vandana Swarnakar
  • Kaviraj Laique as Javed Lohar
  • Jayati Bhatia as Devki Bhatti, Anjali’s mother
  • Mikhail Gandhi as Harry
  • Manyuu Doshi as Shiv Swarnakar
  • Rajiv Kumar as SP Subhash Binjola
  • Sanghmitra Hitaishi as Miriam
  • Yogi Singha as Murli
  • Ratnabali Bhattacharjee as Renuka
  • Abhishek Bhalerao as Mhatre
  • Vijay Kumar Dogra as School principal
  • Nirmal Chiraniyan as Journalist
  • Waris Ahmed Zaidi as Altaf
  • Ankur Verma as Sunny
  • Varad Bhatnagar as Kaasim
  • Rytasha Rathore as Lata

Apart from the cast mentioned above, we may also see some new cast members and characters in the Dahaad Season 2. 

Dahaad Season 2 Episode Title List 

As discussed above, the official release date and other information for the Dahaad Season 2 is yet to be announced. Therefore, here we have a complete list of episode titles of Dahaad Season 1. 

  • Dahaad Season 1 Episode 01 – Missing Women
  • Dahaad Season 1 Episode 02 – The Devil Incarnate
  • Dahaad Season 1 Episode 03 – In Plain Sight 
  • Dahaad Season 1 Episode 04 – The Love Letter
  • Dahaad Season 1 Episode 05 – A Leave of Absence
  • Dahaad Season 1 Episode 06 – An Impossible Choice
  • Dahaad Season 1 Episode 07 – The Stakeout 
  • Dahaad Season 1 Episode 08 – New Beginnings

Where To Watch Dahaad Season 2?

Dahaad is the complete package of crime, thriller, mystery, and suspense drama. Sonakshi Sinha, a.k.a. Anjali Bhaati, has received a good response for her performance as a sub-inspector of a small village in Rajasthan. Only one season of Dahaad has been released, and fans are waiting for the show’s renewal for a second season. 

However, if you have recently discovered this Indian crime-thriller drama, head to Amazon Prime Video and binge-watch all the episodes of Dahaad Season 1. Moreover, the upcoming seasons will also release on the same platform. 

How Many Episodes Will Be There In Dahaad Season 2?

The show makers have yet to share the official release date for Dahaad Season 2. Not only that, but the episode list for Dahaad Season 2 is also unavailable. 

On the other hand, the number of episodes depends on various factors, such as the storyline, screenwriting, and the show’s concept. Generally, the Indian crime-thriller drama series consists of eight to ten episodes, and the first season of Dahaad also premiered with eight episodes, so we can assume Dahaad Season 2 will also release with a set of eight episodes. 

Dahaad Season 2 Makers Team

India’s one of the most famous screenwriters and producers, Reema Kagti and Zoya Akhtar, are the creators of Dahaad Season 1. The duo creators have also written the screenwriting along with Ritesh Shah. 

In addition, Ruchika Oberoi and Reema joined the show as the directors, and Tanay Satam worked as the cinematographer. On top of that, well-known production companies like Tiger Baby Films and Excel Entertainment have played vital roles in the core production of the show. 

Dahaad Season 2 Trailer Release

A teaser or trailer helps the show makers to build good hype for the upcoming season. But unfortunately, when writing this article, the show makers have not released the official trailer for Dahaad Season 2. 

However, if you are new to the show, then before moving ahead, click on the link above to watch Dahaad Season 1 official trailer. Furtherahead, once the show makers release the trailer for the Dahaad Season 2, we will add it here. 

Final Thoughts

Finally, we are at the conclusion of this article, and now you have all the latest updates about the Dahaad Season 2 release date. It becomes a worth-watching series when a show combines well-written crime-thriller and suspense drama with prolific actors and actresses.

Sonakshi Sinha’s Dahaad series has successfully done this with its first season. Fans eagerly await the show’s renewal for a second season, but the creators have yet to reveal the official release date for Dahaad Season 2. So, we can expect it to be released sometime in 2024. Until then, enjoy the first season and stay tuned to our website for the latest updates about your favorite shows.