Victoria Beckham’s Daughter Harper Beckham Meets Kim Kardashian in Florida

Victoria Beckham’s Daughter Harper Beckham Meets Kim Kardashian in Florida

Per the latest Instagram stories and posts, we can see how happy Victoria Beckham’s daughter Harper looks when she meets Kim Kardashian. Her mother, Victoria, also accompanied her daughter at the Inter-Miami soccer match. Being associated with the fashion design world, each is stunning in its own way. Let’s look at who wore what and how they all met. 

Harper Beckham Following Victoria’s Footsteps

Harper was wearing a flower-printed maxi dress with white sneakers. She looks all grown up and seems to follow in her mother’s footsteps in glamour and fashion. When asked questions about this, Victoria said Harper is not allowed to wear makeup outside the house, but Harper is pretty good at it. 

In her own words, Harper is “Really natural at it.” She also said that Harper hasn’t yet been permitted to wear makeup outside; still, this hasn’t stopped their daughter from becoming an artist at t home. 

Victoria wore a sleek black outfit, and as always, she looked stunning in it. Kim Kardashian wore a white crop top paired with blue jeans and a hot pink belt attached to it. 

Kim Kardashian’s Instagram Post

In her latest Instagram post, she shared pictures of when she met everyone, including soccer champions David Beckham, Lionel Messi, and Victoria Beckham, Harper Beckham. She also shared many photos of her cute son Saint Waist and all these celebrities.

Who is Harper Beckham?

Harper is legendary sports personality David Beckham and famous designer Victoria Beckham’s only daughter. She has three brothers, Romeo, Cruz, and Brooklyn. She was born on 10th July 2011, and her father has a tattoo of her name and birth time, her name, and a few many dedicated to his only daughter. 

As a daughter of an iconic fashion designer and former popstar, Harper seems to follow in her mom’s footsteps even at 12; she has quite the wardrobe. Still, as per her mother, Harper is more like “a tomboy,” and she always goes for little dresses and football boots. 

Recently seen at the Inter Miami soccer match, she was stunned by a simple look and looked just amazing, along with her parents and tons of other celebrities who were also present there. The photos they all clicked show how amazing the game was, and they all enjoyed it. Also, as seen until now, Harper is not so little anymore. Even at 12, she looks stunning and rocking every look she wears.