Tay and Tay Lautner with Taylor Swift for their Latest Podcast Episode 

Tay and Tay Lautner with Taylor Swift for their Latest Podcast Episode 

Taylor Lautner, who also happens to be one of Taylor Swift’s exes – was recently seen with his wife, Taylor Dome, and the singer herself. As the world knows, Taylor Swift is currently at her biggest record-breaking, The Eras Tour 2023. The trio met recently and described it as “The Perfect Situation.” The latest podcast episode of The Squeeze was where the couple shared some amazing things. 

The Described it as: “She is truly unbelievable”

Taylor’s latest Speak Now – Taylor’s Version has been making so many records, and as usual, friends love it just like any other Taylor Swift song. The tour’s first stop was at the Eras Tour, Kansas City. 

While she was going on with the song, she was accompanied by Presley Cash and Joey King. Husband and Wife Taylor Lautner and Taylor Dome also discussed how big of a supporter Taylor Swift is. Also, they discussed how the collaboration between the Trio went quite successful, and fans loved it. 

Taylor Lautner Wasn’t Sure About It

It was because Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift used to date and are now not together anymore. So he thought the situation might get awkward and there might be hard feelings. But nothing of that sort happened. Everything went smoothly as singer Taylor Swift is genuinely good with everyone, making it an even better situation. 

He also added that he is thrilled with his wife, and when they visited Taylor Swift, she was “coolest, chillest person ever.” Also, fans love how his wife also happens to be a Swiftie, and they have also attended her concerts. 

The couple described it as “honored” and “one of the coolest experiences” that they have been part of such a bigger project and that fans also have been so supportive. 

Taylor Lautner’s Iconic Backflip 

While coming on stage, Taylor Lautner was walking towards the center stage, and then suddenly, he started his iconic backflip. Everyone was stunned and applauded him. Then he came towards Taylor Swift and everyone and hugged them. The audience was overwhelmed after seeing such affection between all the artists on stage. 

The Eras Tour 2023

The current musical tour by globally popular and followed artist Taylor Swift is also said to be the biggest concert till date. She described it as the journey through her musical “Eras.” There has been extensive research on how Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour might boost the US economy and save the nation from recession.