Selena Gomez’s Blonde Hair Transformation Gets Fans Even Crazier into Barbie Trends

Selena Gomez’s Blonde Hair Transformation Gets Fans Even Crazier into Barbie Trends

Recent Insta posts from popular singer and actress Selena Gomez have surprised fans and made them go even crazier with it. We are talking about the blonde hair transformation. She is getting on with the latest Barbie movie vibes, and now all the fans are with her in this, as everyone else is. 

The global hit star shared an Instagram post including four photos that shows her latest new blonde look, which she is rocking. Fans have been eager to watch her upcoming season of Only Murders in the Building.  It is one of the most popular series as it has exciting and thriller elements that unwind and unravels all the mysteries throughout the series. 

Actress Shared Photos on Instagram

Selena’s most recently shared post on the social media platform shows her in a glamorous look. She is wearing a light dress paired with stunning red lipstick. There is one more photo where she is sitting casually in her room, and it is a selfie.  A TikTok video went viral, and then everything started with it. 

Her Role in the Series Only Murders in the Building

After two successful seasons, Only Murders in the Building is again back with its latest season. Selena plays one of the lead roles, and her character is Mabel More – a teenage girl who went through a lot in her life. She plays this role alongside legendary artists Steve Martin and Martin Short. She even shared some pictures along with them and captioned them beautifully as “favorite people.”

Only Murders in the Building: Series

Her series’ third season will be released by 8th August 2023. It will be released on the online platform DIsney+. The upcoming season of Only Murders in the Building is one of the most awaited because of some new additions to the show. We will see the most famous actress, Meryl Streep, playing a role along with the main cast. 

The show’s makers have yet to reveal much about the new roles added for the third season. Fans will get to know more once the series hits the platform and then watch it. For now, fans eager to know more about the series can watch the official trailer released by Disney+ on their official channels. 

It is noticeable that Selena Gomez recently became the most-followed actress and most-followed female artist on Instagram. She currently has a fan following of 426 million.