Steven Soderbergh Helds Secret Screening of his Debut Sci-Fi Series Command Z

Steven Soderbergh Helds Secret Screening of his Debut Sci-Fi Series Command Z

The highlight of the event was when Steven Soderbergh surprisingly revealed that he didn’t want to talk about the show, even though the screening was for that particular show. This is one of the highly ambitious projects from the director himself, and so many fans are looking forward to it. 

The Director’s Upcoming Venture: Command Z

His latest project includes the upcoming project Command Z, which happens to be a sci-fi series containing eight parts. It stars Michael Cera in the lead role and is based on the popular book Evil Geniuses: The Unmaking of America: A Recent History by Kurt Andersen.

Secret Screening for the Show Command Z

The show’s makers recently held a secret screening, especially for the members who belong to the Downtown theater. Following the screening, there was a Q&A session that involved all the members present. The director then explained how he didn’t want to discuss the show. 

The sci-fi series seems promising with such a fan-favorite and fantastic storyline. It is about a trio who tries to go back in time and intends specific events and their occurrence. Their efforts are solely to change the world’s fate and help everyone. So after changing history, they will no longer be in danger, and they will save the planet. Liev Schreiber and Roy Wood Junior are playing leading characters.  

Latest Command Z Trailer: Released

Recently, the makers released the trailer, which has so many facts yet to unravel for the audience. When it comes to topics such as time-traveling, everyone is fascinated by that. Hence it will be amazing to see such a topic that too covered by the iconic director and fantastic cast members. 

The trailer shows the near future, where the world seems different than what we currently live in. Surprisingly, when they travel back in time, they come to the year 2023 to change the historical events even before they occur. The trailer shows various significant events this year where we currently reside. For the exciting part, you will have to see for yourself, and then you will be amazed too, just like any other project from the director. 

Where will Command Z release?

Unlike most series releases, the Command Z will not be released on any streaming platform. It will be released on Soderbergh’s website, known as Extension 765. For now, fans can enjoy the trailer.