Silo Season 2 Filming Postponed Due to Current SAG-AFTRA Strike 2023

Silo Season 2 Filming Postponed Due to Current SAG-AFTRA Strike 2023

Apple TV+’s Silo was renewed after its successful first season and started as per their filming. But soon, it was interrupted and has now been postponed indefinitely amid the current SAG-AFTRA Strike 2023. It is one of the much-awaited series for fans as the storyline has been fascinating and is about a post-apocalyptic world. Let’s know more about the upcoming Silo season and more. 

Silo Renewal from the Makers of the Show

The makers renewed the Apple TV+ series Silo for a second season after it received positive reviews from all the fans and critics. The first season succeeded, becoming the number-one drama on Apple’s streaming platform and gaining higher viewership. Since the series was renewed, fans have been waiting for the second season to complete the filming and soon after the release of the post-production phases. But nothing of that sort will happen due to the unpredicted SAF-AFTRA Strike 2023. 

Silo Season 2 on Halt

The filming has been stopped and is on hold for an unforeseeable time. Rebecca Furguson, who plays the leading role in the series Silo, also plays the Executive Producer. She confirmed in an interview that the filming has already started for the show’s second part. But soon, the series filming stopped as the series has been shelved for now due to the SAG-AFTRA Strike. 

Rebecca Ferguson

Her roles in the popular film series Mission Impossible got her global recognition. Now, her lead role in the Apple TV+ series Silo has also given her much-deserved success on a much broader platform and reached even more fans from across the globe. 

Silo: The Storyline

The series is about 10,000 people living in a silo – an underground building with 144 floors. There was some apocalypse, after which people started living in the silo, and it has been so many years no one even knows what happened in the outside world. It is a dystopian post-apocalyptic series which makes it even more interesting because everyone is interested in knowing about such less-known storylines. 

Silo Season 1

Silo Season 1 contains ten episodes, and the second season is also expected to have the same number of episodes. The series was created by Graham Yost and based on the Wool Series by Huge Howey. If you are also a fan of Silo and waiting for the second series release, we don’t have any confirmed date or schedule because there isn’t one – due to the SAG-AFTRA Strike, the makers have not released any official notification.