Sad News for Marvel Fans: Avengers No Longer Exist Confirmed by Kevin Feige at D23 Expo

Sad News for Marvel Fans: Avengers No Longer Exist Confirmed by Kevin Feige at D23 Expo

As fans are already aware, currently everyone is into the D23 Expo and we are getting so many surprises as well as shocking news updates. Various makers and directors are releasing many announcements and unfortunately, we have bad news for Marvel fans. It is about our favorite mightiest heroes – Avengers. 

The Official Announcement from Kevin Feige

Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios President released statements stating At present, no team of Avengers exists. With such statements, fans are surely not so happy. Of course, everyone loves new series which are associated with popular Marvel superheroes. Such recent series and movies include Hawkeye, Bucky Barnes, The Vision, Daredevil, Moon Knight, and so on. But the disbending of a fan-favorite group of superheroes is absolutely not done!

He announced a New Group Instead!

Kevin also added, “Not a group, perhaps, as The Avengers but there’s a group and they’re called the Thunderbolts.” So there’s that. 

Who are Thunderbolts?

There’s an official poster staring the entire team of Thunderbolts which includes seven MCU members. There is Yelena Belova played by Florence Pugh, Bucky Barnes played by Sebastian Stan, and Wyatt Russell’s Jon Walker – US Agent. Also, there are Task Master, Red Guardian, Ghost, and Val in the team. Their debut movie is already in the works and has a release date of 2024. 

Why “No Avengers?”

Most probably because the end of Avengers showed multiple deaths including Natasha Romanoff, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, and many more. Such a tragic and unacceptable ending to the movie was quite shocking for fans. Some of them are still not over this ending of the movie. With such story writing and ending, fans had so many questions, but what’s done is done and it is what it is. 

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Even though we don’t have Avengers anymore, we got to know about Shand-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and some new characters. The movie simply showed us how earth’s mightiest heroes meet occasionally.