Netflix’s Holy Family Season 2 Release Date, Storyline, Cast Members, Trailer, Latest Updates 2023, and Everything

Netflix’s Holy Family Season 2 Release Date, Storyline, Cast Members, Trailer, Latest Updates 2023, and Everything

Holy Family is an upcoming Netflix thriller drama series with so many popular cast members. It is a Spanish series and contains a unique and interesting storyline.

There are so many fans, since Money Heist and so many more Spanish series brought by Netflix, they have become fans of many Spanish actors. 

Holy Family Season 2 Release Date

The Spanish series is going to be released soon by 14th October 2022, just after a few days. Many fans belonging to various countries have become fans of Spanish actors and now are interested in their series.

They are in for a treat in the form of Holy Family. Soon, fans can stream Holy Family online on the official streaming platform and enjoy it. 

Holy Family Season 2 Storyline – Spoilers Ahead

You can imagine from the trailer itself, what the series is going to be about. Starting with mothers and children to family – many emotional topics are covered in the trailer and the story is somehow related to that.

The official synopsis roughly translates to, a family that is hiding some secrets, getting out in the open when they start to form new relationships and other people. Not just that, there are many other plans that are ruined because of such new people and their involvement.

Watching such a dark thriller drama series is going to be an absolute treat for viewers. Especially those who have their favorite actors playing different characters in this series.

Netflix’s Holy Family is going to be released by 14th October 2023. Just a few more days to go and then fans can uncover all the dark mysteries hiding in the series and its episodes. Get all the latest updates and notifications regarding Holy Family from the official Twitter and Instagram of Netflix. 

The narration is about how mothers are protective of their children. There are Abel, Gloria, and Aitana – who seem to have some kind of secret that they are hiding. Later on, the narrator talks about how a mother’s love can be similar to a Scorpion’s tail. It is accurate, flexible, and also full of venom. 

Then there are many dark scenes that show how things go wrong and everything just gets out of place. There’s betrayal, hate, anger and so many more emotions shown at the end of the trailer. There is a car falling off the cliff and burning while falling down.


Another Dark Thriller from Netflix 

Netflix is quite popular for releasing such dark thriller drama series containing dark elements. And, surprisingly, fans love such series as well as films.

There are so many things that are wrapped under various storylines and they are then uncovered as the various episodes are released. 

Holy Family Season 2 Cast Members List

  • Najwa Nimri
  • Alba Flores
  • Carla Campra 
  • Iván Pellicer 
  • Álex García
  • Macarena Gómez 
  • Álvaro Rico 
  • Jon Olivares 
  • Ella Kweku
  • Nicolás Illoro
  • Laura Laprida

Holy Family Season 1 Episode Title List 

  • Holy Family Season 1 Episode 01 – La Grieta
  • Holy Family Season 1 Episode 02 – Soy Gloria Roman
  • Holy Family Season 1 Episode 03 – Cautro Cuerpos
  • Holy Family Season 1 Episode 04 – Melilla
  • Holy Family Season 1 Episode 05 – Once de Noviembre
  • Holy Family Season 1 Episode 06 – Au Pair
  • Holy Family Season 1 Episode 07 – Aquel coche en Iiamas
  • Holy Family Season 1 Episode 08 – Hijo de la Luna

Popular Cast Members of Holy Family

Najwa Nimri

She has done so many popular roles and was also a band member of her own hand, being a lead singer. She debuted her career with the film Salto al vacio and then she released several of her albums.

With three solo albums, she has released many songs. Much appreciated films of Najwa Nimri include Lovers of the Arctic Circle, Lucia y ey sexo, El metodo, Abre los ojos, and many more. 

She get her global recognition from her role as Zulema from Vis a vis i.e. Locked Up series. Later on, she got the iconic role of Inspector Alicia Sierra in the world-famous series Money Heist i.e. La casa de Papel. She even voiced a video game called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in 2019. 

Alba Flores

She is also one of the popular Spanish actresses who have played different roles in many films and series. Her recent most popular roles include Saray Vargas in Vis a Vis i.e. Locked Up and Nairobi in La Casa de Papel i.e. Money Heist.

She has worked with Najwa Nimri on both series. Her popular Films include Los managers, Vicente Ferrer, The Memory of Water, El calentito, and many more.

Her television roles in many series have made her quite popular. Some of the well-known series include El comisario, The Time in Between, Vicente Ferrer, Maricon Perdido, Cuentame como paso, and many more. 

Laura Laprida

She plays the role of Natalia and is seen quite a several times throughout the trailer of Holy family. She is an actress, model as well as radiologist. Her role in the Telefe series playing Monica has made her very popular. 

She has appeared in many films and done different types of roles in each of them. Her television series such as Jake & Blake, Only You, The rich do not ask permission, Rizhoma Hotel, Millennials, Paradise, and many more have got her quite the popularity. 

Pol Hermoso

He plays the role of Felipe in the series. He as an actor has worked on multiple projects and his most popular works include ALba, Proyecto tiempo, Merli, and many more. His other television series include Medical Center, Sunrise, Merli, and more. 

Alex Garcia

His film The Bride was very much popular and got global recognition with many nominations. 

Alvaro Rico

This young Spanish actor has worked in many of the latest popular drama series, especially on Netflix. You might have seen him in one of the most famous Netflix teen drama series Elite as Polo.

His works in films include Velvet Coleccion, El Cid, La casa Tramuntana, Alba, Madres Amor y vida, and many more. Since such a young age, he has worked in many films as well as series and has gained recognition. 

Holy Family Season 2 Latest Updates August 2023

Sagrada Familia is an English name for the Holy Family Series. The Holy Family is a complete set of drama series. Manolo Coro has created the first season of the Holy Family series.

In addition to that, Manolo Caro has also served as the writer for the Holy Family series. The first season of this drama series premiered on Netflix on October 14, 2022. And fans are excited to watch the second run of Holy Family. 

Since the show received a good response for the first season, audiences are wondering whether the show will return for a second run. So the answer is YES! The show makers have already confirmed that Holy Family Season 2 will release to entertain the audience.

However, according to the reports, makers will conclude the show with the second and final season, and the upcoming season is expected to premiere sometime in October 2023. 

Holy Family Season 2 Trailer Release

Netflix has already released the official trailer for the upcoming Holy Family series. Take a look at the trailer here and you will find yourself in the awe of the actors playing such spectacular roles.

The trailer is quite long and lasts for about two minutes. There are many thrilling scenes that leave you wondering about the storyline and the plot itself. The trailer clearly tells that the series is all about how a mother protects her child and she would go to any extent in order to protect her child. 

The trailer starts with a piano, someone is playing it and it starts to tell more about how a mother protects her children. There are so many other aspects that are covered in the trailer, not just that, there are so many other mothers that are introduced and are getting into explaining various things. 

The trailer shows so many mixed emotions and a variety of elements hidden in the trailer itself. It definitely has mysteries along with many secrets that are going to be uncovered when the series releases. Viewers who go on watching the trailer, surely have not some, but a lot of questions. All these questions will be answered once the series is out.