Netflix’s Heartstopper: What is so special about it?

Netflix’s Heartstopper: What is so special about it?

Do you love teenage dramas with their high school life, sex life, newly forming relationships and so much more beyond all these? If so, you are absolutely going to love Netflix’s Heartstopper.

Fans of Gossip Girl and Euphoria are surely going to love to watch the latest love story that was much needed in this age of online romance. The heartstopper has it all starting from the coming-out-of-love and romance to first loves, high school crushes, and more importantly finding out important things about yourself. 

What is the Heartstopper?

The heartstopper is based on the graphic novel – of the same name, written by Alice Oseman and it is all about two British teenage boys Nick Nelson (Kit Conner) and Charlie Spring (Joe Locke). It is not all about just them, but their friends and their lives are also included beautifully and paired with Olivia Colman’s surprising appearance as Nick’s supportive mum – which was amongst the best things ever.

Many people have described the Heartstopper as “really sweet”, but it is so much more than just a sweet story of two British boys who learns so much more about themselves i.e. being gay, bisexual, and more. You will enjoy various scenarios ranging from teen bedrooms to malls, arcades, and of course our favorite – schoolyards. 

Those who haven’t yet watched Heartstopper, must go and watch it NOW. Also, there are some of the tiniest details which will surely become your favorite as soon as you notice them. Some details like cartoon sparks when they touch each other’s hands or say heart emojis popping around their heads from time to time. 

We all know and are aware that Queerness is something that is supposed to be celebrated and not be something of a shameful nature. If you think the same, you are absolutely going to love the Heartstopper by Netflix.

Amongst many of the latest Netflix releases, Heartstopper has become a quick fan favorite and is being watched by everyone. With the passing of time, each of us needs a gentle reminder of how it feels to be in love and to be loved by someone – that is exactly what has been done by the Heartstopper and that is one of the reasons why it has become such a big hit.