Manifest’s Melissa Roxburgh to Guest-Star in Quantum Leap Season 2

Manifest’s Melissa Roxburgh to Guest-Star in Quantum Leap Season 2

Recently, Netflix premiered the finale of the popular thriller Manifest, which had various diverse cast members in the leading roles. One of many fan-favorite cast members includes Melissa Roxburgh, who plays Michaela Stone, Ben’s sister. Melissa has recently been selected for the series Quantum Leap for its second season. 

Quantum Leap Season 2

In the recent San Diego Comic-Con, NBC announced that Mellissa Roxburgh will be guest starring in the sci-fi drama Quantum Leap for its second season. The series is all set to premiere by October 2023. Manifest star will be seen in the second season, and all the fans will get to see her in one more show. 

Other Actors Joining Melissa

Other actors will join her, including Francois from Midnight Texas, P. J. Byrne from The Boys, Shazam, and Aron Abrams, whom fans might recognize from Blindspot and Hannibal. There was a special screening at the event, which was an exclusive screening and won’t be available online for anyone to watch. 

She will play the Perez’s cohorts, whereas several other characters will play air force members. They are given a top-secret mission to complete. For that, they are supposed to transport cargo to New Delhi. But before they could complete the mission, their plane was shot down. 

Soon, the plane explodes – but just before that, there were some action scenes involving none other than our beloved Melissa. Her character was given a brief on how the cargo is essential and should be reaching its destination, anyhow. Hence she risks her life to save the cargo, even if it means putting herself in danger. So, before the place explodes, she goes into the crashed plane and saves the cargo. 

Reboot Show

The original show Quantum Leap is the classic 1990s sci-fi series with cast members including Nanrisa Lee, Caitlin Bassett, Mason Alexander Park, and Ernie Hudson in the lead roles. There is no news if any of the original characters will be in the reboot of the Quantum Leap series. The original creator of the show is Donald P. Bellisario. 

Melissa Roxburgh

She is one of the fan-favorite characters from the Netflix hit show Manifest. Fans went to great lengths to get the renewal of the show for the final season. Along with her legendary characters as Michaela Stone, she has played various roles in many popular shows and movies. It includes Blood Lines – a Supernatural Spinoff, Valor, Star Trek Beyond, The Marine 4: Moving Target, Mindcage, and many more.