Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid Dating Rumors: What’s the Reality?

Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid Dating Rumors: What’s the Reality?

Amid various rumors about popular supermodel Gigi Hadid and legendary actor Leonardo DiCaprio – no one knows the reality. There were some rumors that he is “just dating” and “not looking for anything serious” from his close friends. Since Gigi has also been recently separated from her husband, Zayn Malik, they are “single,” and no one knows what is happening. 

Truth About Leonardo and Gigi Dating

On September 2022, both stars were seen together attending New York Fashion Week after-party. By October, they attended a Halloween party and were spotted spending time together. At the end of November, there were rumors that Gigi and Dicaprio were trying to spare some time to spend with each other. They have also been spotted leaving popular restaurants after dinners. 

By December 2022, there were talks about Dicaprio being spotted with another model, Victoria Lamas. But as per his friends, there was nothing as they were just friends. Also, in a recent statement by some of his close friends, they are sure that he will not settle down, at least not in the near future. 

Is Leonardo Sure about Gigi?

Some sources confirm that the couple is serious about each other and wants to take things slow. That may be the reason why they are moving forward gradually. It is because they want to have a stable relationship, and they want to see and try if it works. 

Gigi is Focusing on Herself, Her Daughter, and Career

After parting ways with her boyfriend Zayn Malik, who also happens to be the father of her daughter Khai – she is seen lesser in public in the initial days. Fans were worried about her well-being because of the situation involving her boyfriend and mother. The controversy was something that stunned everyone. 

Beginning of Gigi and Leonardo’s “Situationship”

Her relationship with Zayn ended with their separation, and now they have parted ways. After a few months, she started being herself again. She was soon spotted with the Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio, and the rumors began. Even though after being spotted together multiple times at the exact location, none of them have accepted or denied anything in particular. 

Gigi says she is currently more focused on being a mother to her daughter Khai and focusing on her career. When asked about her relationship with the actor, she said she is neither looking for nor committed to anything. We can’t be sure, but the time will tell, right?