K-Drama Family Gravesite Season 1 Release Date, Storyline, Cast Members, and Everything You Need to Know

K-Drama Family Gravesite Season 1 Release Date, Storyline, Cast Members, and Everything You Need to Know

Netflix is here with one more K-drama, Family Gravesite – a very unusual title, as it is their specialty. The Netflix original series details have not yet been released to the full extent, but we have some exciting things to share.

All Korean drama lovers are going to love the upcoming horror zombie series on Netflix. 


Family Gravesite Season 1 Release Date:

We are still awaiting all the essential details regarding Family Gravesite Season 1. But the official website doesn’t yet show more information about it. Fans who want to know more about the upcoming Netflix K-drama should keep in touch.

As the makers have not yet released any official details, the series is expected to be ready and released by 2024. 

For now, even the filming has not yet been started and that is going to take a lot of time. Also, after the filming begins, there will be various post-production stages through which the series will go through.

We all know how much such things take time. Hence expected date would be 2024 until the series makers share any more details. 

Family Gravesite Season 1 Storyline Overview:

The series is a horror Netflix original series and is from the Train to Busan creator. He will be directing the series and fans are quite excited about that. Because his previous works have been well-liked by everyone. 

As we discussed earlier, not much has been revealed by the makers. But we have some details about the plot of the series. It is about a zombie outbreak, which started with unknown symptoms.

Also, no one knows how the outbreak started. Such unknown symptoms would definitely be something that can kill and turn people into flesh-eating zombies. Let’s see what happens after that! 


Fans love to watch such series with so gore experience, especially zombies. There is so much destruction and death when people start to turn into zombies. Hopefully, soon the makers will share more details about the storyline, and then we can know more about it. 

To get all the latest notifications and news about Family Gravesite Season 1, keep visiting the website regularly. 


Family Gravesite Season 1 Cast Members:

There has been no list of cast members declared by the makers of the show. For now, we only have the names of the actors who will be playing the lead roles. We will soon get the entire list of cast members who will be playing various roles in the series. 

  • Kim Hyun Joo Playing Lead Role
  • Park Hee Soon Playing Lead Role 

Kim Hyun Joo is one of the leading as well as popular South Korean actresses. She has played various roles in many popular K-dramas. Fans might have seen her in Glass Slippers, Twinkle Twinkle, What Happens to My Family, Toji, the Land, and many more.

These are the most popular series in which she has appeared. And also, she played the leading role in each of the before-mentioned dramas. 

She has quite a career record as she started working in the year 1997. There are so many television series, Films as well as music videos in which she has played various roles. Not just that, she has also done many Variety Shows.

Currently, she also happens to be the Ambassador for Busan Contents Market. There’s a book called Hyun-Joo’s Handcrafted Story written by herself. There are many awards that she has won and even more numbers in which she has been nominated.



Park Hee Soon will be playing another lead role along with Kim Hyun Joo. He also has quite an impressive track record as he also has played so many roles. There are plenty of series as well as movies in which he has played many types of roles.

After graduating with a Theater Degree he was a member of the Mokwha Repertory Company. In 2002, he started playing various roles and after winning a number of Best Supporting Actor awards, he got many lead roles too. 


His most popular works include Seven Days, The Scam, 1987: When the Day Comes, All About My Romance, The Missing, Beautiful World, My Name, and many more. With My Name, he got global recognition and finally got much-deserved credit for his amazing work and skills. He started appearing in films in 1994 and debuted with Sado Sade Impotence.

His other films include So Cute, A Family, Love Talk, Seven Days, Hansel and Gretel, BA: BO, My Friend, and His Wife, Why Did You Come to My House, A Million, The Showdown, The Client, The Suspect, The Age of Shadows, Snatch Up, Monstrum, Revenger, The Clowns, Sun-Kissed Family, Bank of Seoul, and the most recent The Policeman’s Lineage. 

Some of his Television series are The Missing, All About My Romance, Beautiful World, Trolley, and more. He has done four web series viz. Dr. Brain, Moving, A Model Family and My Name. 

Family Gravesite Series Makers Team:

The creator who created the much popular and much appreciated Train to Busan, Yeon Sang-Ho is the creator of this series. This will be his third Netflix Original Series. 


There are so many other projects created by him, that have been loved by fans. Not only that, even critics have appreciated his work. 

Family Gravesite Season 1 Latest Updates (2023):

Over the constant few months, we have been looking for more updates about one of the upcoming South Korean series named Family Gravesite, also known as The Bequeathed, right?

Thus, finally, today, in this article, we are sharing some new updates. Firstly, it is entirely written and directed by Yeon Sang-Ho, the well-known creator who also made series like Hellbound, the Train to Busan, and many more.

The makers started the production work for season 1 in November 2022; according to a few reports, the makers finally completed the entire production work for the Family Gravesite Season 1.

Thus, within no time now, we all get to watch the series’ very first season by the end of 2023. Also, the show creators have yet not released the exact release date for the Family Gravesite Season 1; but we hope it will be released by 2023.

We are still looking for new updates; once we get any, they will undoubtedly be updated on our website. So stay connected with us, and wait a few more months to know the exact release date of the Family Gravesite Season 1. 

Where to Watch Family Gravesite Season 1?

As far as we know, the entire maker’s team was busy making season 1 of the series. And, therefore they have yet to share any episode of the same.

But, the makers officially declared that the very first season of the Family Gravesite will be released on the Netflix streaming platform only. So, wait calmly to get any further information about the same.

Family Gravesite Season 1 Trailer Release:

As we discussed earlier, the filming of the series has not yet begun. Once the shooting starts, then we can get some confirmation about the release date. Along with that, Netflix will also release more important details such as an official trailer.

Getting a trailer would be like a boon for fans because through the trailer/ tease, they can get to know more about the entire series. Seeing the trailer gives us an overall idea and how the cast members are going to look.