Jessica Biel Goes Total Fan-Girl Over Singer-Boyfriend Justin Timberlake’s Song

Jessica Biel Goes Total Fan-Girl Over Singer-Boyfriend Justin Timberlake’s Song

In a recent Instagram reel, actress Jessica Biel was seen singing her husband’s latest song and having a fantastic fan-girl moment. There have been various reactions, mostly happy ones, to the video and her reaction. The actress is seen happy while enjoying Justin Timberlake’s recently released song ICU with Coco Jones. 

They were in their Car

Jessica Biel has been seen singing along to his husband’s song ICU and is going crazy; who wouldn’t? This is bound to happen when you have a husband who is a fantastic singer! The couple was in their car, and Justin was sitting next to Jessica Biel while she was enjoying herself with his music. She was singing along to the song and giving compliments to her husband.

She also said some things in her cute southern accent, “My boyfriend can sing, ya’ll.” While she was going totally crazy, Justin was seen laughing in the driver’s seat and enjoying it. She also said, “Got @cocojones and my boyfriend no REPEAT” in the caption. 

Jessica on Calling her Husband “Boyfriend”

Even though he is officially her husband, she occasionally calls him her “boyfriend.” This is nothing new for her, as she goes on doing this. There was an incident that showed us all this. There was a viral fan TikTok video where someone commented, “Girlfriend looks like Jessica Biel.” And then there were follow-up comments about this which were hilarious. 

He then replied to this comment by making a clip saying, “From now on, I’m only going by ‘Jessica Biel’s Boyfriend.’” 

Latest Justin Timberlake Song

Justin Timberlake and Coco Jones recently released a song called ICU, which is doing well. His other popular hit songs include Can’t Stop the Feeling, Mirrors, Sexyback, Cry Me a River, and many more. 

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake

The duo met at a “random” party in the year 2007, and then sometime later, they started dating. In an interview, Justin said that, after the party, he asked his friend about asking Jessica out, and his friend helped. The couple started dating and married in October 2012, and their first son was born in April 2015.

Later she gave birth to their second child, a son, Phineas, in July 2020. It’s been ten years since their marriage and 16 years since they have been together. They seem to enjoy their married life and their kids in the best possible way.