Is Kevin Costner leaving Yellowstone Season 6? Will the series continue without him?

Is Kevin Costner leaving Yellowstone Season 6? Will the series continue without him?

After five successful seasons o Yellowstone, fans have been expecting further seasons. But the makers of the show don’t feel the same. There have been so many discussions; finally, they have decided not to go with Yellowstone Season 6. 

Instead, there is going to be a Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2. It is expected to be released by December 2023. But there has yet to be a schedule available from the makers. It might be because of various things happening related to the series. So, what’s going on?

Is Kevin Costner leaving the show?

It is said that Kevin Costner will leave to series to pursue his upcoming projects, including Horizon. It is one of the four movie series he will co-write, direct, and star in. Due to his unavailability, he cannot fit the Yellowstone shooting schedule into his routine. 

It is one of the many reasons Yellowstone has been cancelled for the Sixth season. But fans have been quite persistent about the storyline. Keeping that in mind, makers came up with the idea which will not only let the fans have a satisfactory ending but also a win-win solution. 

There will be Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2

Rather than having an entire season, the makers and the show producers came up with an ending, a part 2 of the previous season, i.e., Yellowstone Season 5. For that, fans are pretty excited and can’t keep calm until the finale of Yellowstone has been released. 

Writers Strike Might Affect Part 2 Release 

We all know a long and unpredictable Writers Strike is going on. It will affect so many movie and series release schedules because there will be delays in the writing part, affecting all the other parts related to the shooting, editing, post-production, and other stages. 

Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2 Release Delays

The show’s makers revealed that part two will be released by December 2023. But that was before this unexpected writers’ strike started. So, for now, we can’t say anything about the release of part two. The strike and leading actor KEvin Costner’s exit from Yellowstone have been one of the many setbacks the series has faced.

Along with that, there have been many other issues, as the makers were not ready for the sixth season; still, they came up with a solution. Let’s see what happens now!