Gotham Knights Cast Celebrations After Official Announcement by The CW

Gotham Knights Cast Celebrations After Official Announcement by The CW:

Finally, we are getting one more DC TV Show i.e. Gotham Nights and for that, not just the fans, but even cast members are very much excited. 

Gotham Knights Cast Members

Upon the official confirmation of the show’s upcoming season, the entire cast is quite excited and they are celebrating. While some of the members were not even present, they were tagged in the post. We all know, how popular DC Comics and all the shows based on these comics can be. 

Some of the leading cast members including Oscar Morgan, Anna Lore, Navia Robinson, and Misha Collins celebrated and posted about it on Instagram. While Anna was not present, they tagged her and in the reply, she was also quite happy about the renewal of the show. 

Many Popular Shows

CW has been one of the most popular productions that have been making so many amazing series. Since the year 2012, CW has been making series like Arrowverse and had so many iconic DC comic heroes stories made into the series. 

Then there is Green Arrow, The Flash, Superman & Lois, Stargirl and so many more. Of most of these popular series, Arrowverse has been one of the most popular ones and has a huge fan following. 

Now, the Batman Series:

Gotham Nights has already become a quick fan favorite and there are so many fans who are actually waiting for the series to run. A team of many writers as well as producers is working on this most awaited project and will be making epic series related to Batman’s story. 

Gotham Knights Storyline

After Bruce Wayne’s death, there was no Batman. Then his adopted son, played by Oscar Morgan joins some other youngsters. Most of them happen to be Dark Knight’s rogue gallery members – they have also been accused of killing the HERO. To prove otherwise, they keep working on clearing their names, all while keeping the city safe. 

Game from Same Storyline

The storyline of Bruce Wayne’s death has inspired so many things, not just the series and movies. There is another game in the works which is also based on this storyline. The game is called Gotham Knights and is based on the original story.