Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham Sings and Dances with Husband David Beckham at Messi’s MLS Debut

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham Sings and Dances with Husband David Beckham at Messi’s MLS Debut

Beckham fans have been so excited after seeing one of the most famous couples singing and dancing together at the recent MLC Debut of Lionel Messi. So many other celebrities attended the event, but all the eyes were on the famous fashion designer and icon Victoria Husband and her husband, David Beckham. 

The Beckham’s Performance

Former spice girl Victoria Beckham rocked it when she sang “Say You’ll Be There,” then her husband danced with her while she had a mic in her hand and was still singing. Everyone was just amazed to see them together, dancing and enjoying themselves. Many celebrities also attended the event as well as the after-party celebration.  The video of the couple went viral on the trending video-sharing platform TikTok when she sang this iconic song. 

Victoria captioned her video on Instagram with “Just a casual night in Miami!” and soon there were so many comments on this post. This video showed a heart emoji from the official Spice Girl Instagram account. 

Who Attended Messi’s MLS Debut?

The couple – David Beckham and Victoria, attended the event with their two children, Cruz Beckham and Harper Beckham. Moreover, they were also seen handing out other stars after the event. It includes Serena Williams, LeBron James, Kim Kardashian, and their son Saint West who is 7. Along with that, there was Tristan Thompson – Khloe Kardashian’s ex. 

What was the Event?

The event was for the popular player Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami debut – the team co-owned by David Beckham. Messi made quite an impression throughout the debut event as the star soccer got an exciting and nail-biting 2-1 win. They beat Liga MX’s Cruz Azul in this debut/ inaugural cup opener. 

The event went just fabulous, and many celebrities also attended the after-party and clicked so many amazing pictures. After that, they were spotted singing and dancing, and Victoria’s song with her husband went viral. He even sang the song for a few lines when his wife insisted. He also reposted the story which his wife posted on Instagram.

She captioned the post, “Warming up the vocals in Miami!” and “More to come.” David Beckham also shared an Instagram post with the caption “The perfect night” and “Thank you to all my family & friends for supporting like you always do.” Have you watched the video yet? If not, go now!