Everyone’s Favorite “Barbie” Movie About to Enter the Barbillion Dollar Club

Everyone’s Favorite “Barbie” Movie About to Enter the Barbillion Dollar Club

A female directorial and female lead movie Barbie is all set to enter the less-explored Billion Dollar Club soon. The movie earned $774.6 million in the first 12 days since its release. So now, the days are not far when Barbie will be dancing in the Barbillion Dollar Club globally! This makes many milestones possible, starting with a female-directed movie to earn a billion dollars after the pandemic. 

First Female Directed Venture To Achieve It

With the movie, the entire cast, especially the film director Greta Gerwig has been in the limelight lately. And each deserves all this success and much more for their dedication and hard work. Very few movies enter the Billion Dollar Club, and that too in the world, where the film is based on a “pink doll” directed by a woman director. It is an achievement on its own. 

Prediction Turn Out to be Wrong

There were so many predictions about the “female-fueled movie” that it would drop off once the opening weekend ended. But on the contrary, the film turned out to be the exact opposite, and still, Barbie is trending everywhere, globally. First, the “Barbenheimer Phenomenon” was going on, but now it looks like Barbie alone is doing all the hard work. 

Barbie in Works Since 2009

Everyone enjoys how Barbie is doing well internationally, but only some know that the film’s development started in 2009. Mattel signed with Universal Pictures along with Laurence Mark as the producer. Nothing remarkable happened until now. By the year 2014, Sony Pictures was associated with filming the film. With that came Jenny Bicks, Laurie MacDonald, and Walter F. Parkes. Soon Amy Pascal joined the producers’ team, and the screenplay was rewritten. Then there were multiple drafts, and each of them was separate. 

By December 2016, there were talks about Amy Schumer playing the titular role, but that didn’t work out. By July 2017, there were talks about getting Anne Hathaway for the title role and Sony Pictures. By that time, Alethea Jones was approached to direct the film. Initially, Margot Robbie joined the Barbie team as a producer, and she was okay with that. Somehow, nothing worked out after so many people were considered for various positions, from playing the leading role to writing the screenplay and directing. 

Finally, Greta Gerwig signed to write as well as direct the film. She said she would write the screenplay with her husband, Noah Baumbach. And the rest is history!