Emmy Nominations 2023: Jenna Ortega Makes History For her Role in “Wednesday”

Emmy Nominations 2023: Jenna Ortega Makes History For her Role in “Wednesday”

Since the Emmy nominations for 2023 have been declared, many talented artists have broken the internet with their outstanding nominations. Many actors have also been nominated for multiple roles, which is quite an achievement. When someone has been nominated for such prestigious awards, it is considered a huge victory. 

Jenna Ortega: Emmy Nomination 

Amongst a few young artists, Jenna Ortega from Wednesday series has also made her debut in the Emmys by this year. She has been nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for the 75th Emmys. She received this nomination for the popular Netflix series Wednesday. She plays the titular role of Wednesday Adams. 

Viral Tiktok Dance from Wednesday

The role she plays in the series is of a serious girl, where she plays a dark yet comedy role and soon becomes a fan favorite. There was a dance scene where she danced uniquely, which became viral and was trending at the time. The Wednesday Adams dance sequence became viral across the world’s famous video platform Tiktok.

Jenna’s Upcoming Projects: Wednesday Season 2

Along with the second series of Wednesday, she is also working on another film called Beetlejuice with Winona Ryder. Another film called AURA is also undergoing, where she works with co-stars Camila Mendes and Danny Ramirez. She is a rising star, and this Emmy nomination proves how she has worked hard and is now earning success. 

Who is Jenna Ortega?

She started her career at a young age, and her debut was playing young Jane in the popular CW series Jane the Virgin. Later she was cast in Stuck in the Middle for the Disney channel. After that, she also played Ellie Alves’ role in the popular series YOU on Netflix. She also appeared in the film called Yes Day for Netflix as well. 

Her career breakthrough came with the role of Wednesday Adams in the series Wednesday. It also received tons of praise and appreciation for her acting skills throughout the series. Fans might have seen her playing distinct roles in horror films, including Scream, Scream VI, and X. 

She has also been nominated for Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Awards for her role as Wednesday Adams in the series, along with Emmy. With so many nominations, she will undoubtedly reach the top and win many more awards.