Doctor Strange 2: Original Director Scott Derrickson Shares Truth about his Exit From MCU Sequel

Doctor Strange 2: Original Director Scott Derrickson Shares Truth about his Exit From MCU Sequel

Scott Derrickson was the original director who was supposed to direct Doctor Strange 2, but he didn’t. He has now responded to why he wasn’t the one who directed the movie. 

Original Director

The first solo movie, Doctor Strange came in 2016 and was directed by Scott Derrickson. And we all know how great that went, breaking several records. It featured Benedict Cumberbatch, Rachel McAdams, Benedict Wong, Tilda Swinton, Mads Mikkelsen, and more as the leading cast of the movie. 

Later on, the movie was included in various crossovers with other popular Marvel series movies. Such movies including Avengers and Spider-man films were associated with Doctor Strange. Later on, Scott Derrickson was supposed to direct the second part of the movie, upon receiving such immense response from various countries. 

Leaving the Directorial Place

According to initial reports, Scott Derrickson was said to have “Creative Differences” and that was said to be the reason. Even after leaving the director post, he remained the executive producer of the movie series. After he left, Doctor Strange 2 was directed by Sam Raimi and until now, this sequel has earned around $703. 

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Joined Another Venture

While Doctor Strange 2 was in the works and then released later onwards, Scott Derrickson was associated with another directorial venture i.e. The Black Phone along with Ethan Hawke. 

Scott Derrickson Shares Truth about his Exit

It was not so much about any “Creative Differences” but was actually about Derrickson’s mental health. He even revealed that he has been in therapy for a number of years and has been dealing with childhood trauma. He also shared that he was grown up in a certain kind of neighborhood as well as the household, which was the issue from the very beginning. 

Adding to that, he said most of the people were getting beaten up with the belt or sometimes even worse than that. He has even seen such bloody fights, not just around the neighborhood but also at his school. 

Even after dealing with so much, he didn’t leave work entirely and decided to work on some other projects. He started working on The Black Phone and describes it as the work he was “meant” to do/ make.