Ariana Grande’s “Rumored” Boyfriend Ethan Slater Files for Divorce from Wife

Ariana Grande’s “Rumored” Boyfriend Ethan Slater Files for Divorce from Wife

It’s been a few days since there were talks about Ariana Grande and her rumored love interest – Wicked co-star actor Ethan Slater. Amongst such rumors, now, as per the latest news, some shocking news has come to light. Ethan Slater has filed for divorce from his estranged wife, Lilly Jay. So now, those rumors do not seem like “rumors” anymore with such incidents taking place. 

Who is Ethan Slater?

He is the latest love interest of singer Ariana Grande whom she met previously and is now her co-star in Wicked. He is the one who played SpongeBob in the musical of the same name and is famous for that role. He married his high school sweetheart Lilly Jay in 2018, and they even have a son together. Their married life had been in trouble for quite some time, and there had been so many rumors associating his name. 

One very particular was Ethan Slater and Ariana Grande dating. On the other hand, singer and actress Ariana has also recently parted ways with her husband. That is one of the many reasons why everyone believed these rumors, even when they were just rumors. 

They Met on Wicked Set

Now, everyone can see how they met on the sets of Wicked, and that is the time when they started dating, as both of them were single. There were talks about Ariana and Ethan dating but still respecting their ex’s privacy and keeping their emotions in check, especially in public. That might be why they have been keeping a low profile and haven’t yet declared any official news for everyone to know. 

Ariana Grande is Also Getting a Divorce

The actress has already filed for divorce from her husband, Dalton Gomez. They were married in May 2021, and it’s been two years since that time. Even before she filed for divorce, she was seen multiple times without her wedding rings at various public events. That is how everyone was speculating about it, and that, unfortunately, turned out to be true, and now she is getting divorced from her husband. 

However, while Ethan Slater filed for divorce, there was no reason for their divorce. Let’s see what happens now. If Ariana and Ethan see each other, then we will know about it soon. There won’t be any more delay in their announcement if they are together.