What to Expect From ‘You’ Season 3

You Season 3

What to Expect From ‘You’ Season 3

Most of you will have probably seen You, season 3 trailers by now on Netflix, and let’s all admit that it was definitely pretty epic, wasn’t it? We were unfortunately left on an epic cliff-hanger, to what seemed like a happily ever after, and Joe seemingly got the ending he always wanted. However now, the series is hinting a whole new turn to the mix, with an actual baby being involved within the storyline. Joe is about to be a father with Love’s baby.

Netflix took a while to create the latest season, due to the pandemic creating many difficulties when filming on the set. But alas the official press release of its release was announced on January 25. While many of us were left wondering, and had to take it upon ourselves to find new levels of entertainment, you can always visit this site with betting opportunities and promotions, to fill up the time while you wait for the release on October 15th. It certainly is going to be a chilling ride once the episodes are to be made available.

Who will star in the new season?

Netflix did announce that Scott Michael Foster will join the cast of the epic series, playing the character of Ryan, a single dad and reporter for the local area’s television news. His character is believed to hint a past, as he is hinted to have overcome the history of addiction, so this certainly leaves fans wondering, what his role in the series could be and to what extent is he entwined within Love and Joe’s life.

Other new cast members to join this television show include Tati Gabrielle who you will definitely recognise from the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. She will be playing Marienne, a librarian who happens to be very good at reading characters within the town. Of course, she will befriend Joe, who is a book fanatic himself too, meaning we can only imagine how far this relationship will actually go. It could go either way, and

we are so down to see it evolve further.

If many of you remember how the previous character Beck (played by Elizabeth Lail), made a comeback in season 2, as the ghost haunting Joe’s living consciousness, many believe that Love’s brother will also return in the same manner, being that he did also die in season 2. Of course, James Scully has not made an official statement of his return, so we do not know if this actually is the case, it just happens to be a hunch.

If many of you ask if there is a possibility we see a return for Ellie from season 2, we somehow think it could be possible. It makes every sense that she would come back

looking for answers to her sister’s disappearance (Delilah), who was killed by Love and Joe, back at the end of season 2. Joe has a habit of seeing his past follow into his future, so quite frankly, we are leaving all cards on the table for what could happen next.

Don’t forget that Netflix will air the entire season on October 15, and something tells us that this could be the best season yet. Time will of course tell all.