Waiting For The Boys Season 3 Here Are 5 Similar TV Shows To Watch

Waiting For The Boys Season 3 Here Are 5 Similar TV Shows To Watch

‘The Boys’ is set in a world where certain people with supernatural abilities are classified according to their profession by ordinary people.

They are, nevertheless, described as arrogant in addition to being strong. As a result, they are split into two groups: “the seven” and “the lads.”

The first season focuses on the rivalry between two factions. And the struggle continues into the next season, although with fresh twists and turns.

Season 3 must begin filming as soon as possible. However, there has been no formal statement regarding the season’s release.

We can observe a regular nine-month gap between the shooting and release of the two seasons before this by looking at the past occurrences about the filming and publication of the two seasons before this.

Shows that are similar to “The Boys” include: 

  1. Umbrella Academy

This is a superhero series based on Gerard Way’s well-known comic books. The narrative revolves around 43 mothers from all around the world who give birth to their newborn infants on October 1st, precisely at 12 p.m.

That wouldn’t have been odd if the procedure had been evident. So here’s the deal: neither of them realized they were expecting a child, nor did any labor discomfort alert them to the fact.

  1. A minister

This TV show is based on a comic book and features supernatural themes and adventures. Jesse Custer, the protagonist, is a pastor who engages in heavy drinking and smoking.

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As a consequence, he has a superhuman ability. So naturally, he’s overjoyed to learn his newfound strength and recognize his new talent as a divine sign.

  1. The Titans

This is exactly what you need to see if you’re a fan of superhero series. DC is your charm. This portrays a group of teenagers that have established a team to combat evil while also dealing with the major concerns.

  1. Observers

Once again, a series aimed towards DC lovers. We can argue that they are closely linked, even though they are not related directly. In the United States, the military situation has disrupted the normal flow of labor.

And the group of masked and costumed crime fighters dubbed as superheroes comes to the rescue, but among them is a Doctor called Manhattan, who is the only one with superhuman abilities at first.

  1. Extraordinary

This is a gloomy fantasy drama. Two brothers are tasked with tracking down supernatural entities such as demons, ghosts, monsters, and other creatures of the night.


While you wait for the third season of The Boys to premiere, check out these other series. It will assist you in exploring different dynamics in the worlds of numerous stories, which are full of potential, challenges, hope, passion, and more.