Trusted Captcha Entry Jobs in 2022 – Best Easy Typing Job Online

Trusted and Genuine Captcha Entry Jobs in 2021

Trusted Captcha Entry Jobs in 2022 – Best Easy Typing Job Online

Make money online while relaxing at home with captcha entry jobs. Most of these jobs require no special skills, and you can work as much or as little as you like depending on how much free time you have available. Even though most companies offering this type of work are located overseas, the pay is quite good.

Working from home has never been easier. Login to your account, read the captcha image, and type in what’s shown for an easy income opportunity earning between Rs 5000-10000 per month, depending on how fast you can work!

CAPTCHA entry jobs are a great way for people who want to work from home and get paid while doing something that doesn’t require much effort. It only takes about 2-4 hours of daily work to earn between $500 – 1000 monthly, depending on how fast you can type!

You simply log in with your username & password after visiting the site’s homepage, where there will always be some sort of image being loaded onto the screen as long as it contains characters that have been scrambled using an algorithm, so we don’t know what any kind look like-it might sound difficult at first but isn’t too complicated once one figure out all their different functions.

Captcha Entry Jobs 2022

The steps required vary from job to job, and most companies hiring for this freelance type of work let you know what will be expected before your application is considered complete and submitted for review. That way, there’s no guesswork involved in determining whether or not their services would be a good fit for your experience level and interest in the field.

Once again, we’ve compiled a list of reputable companies hiring people interested in earning money with captcha entry jobs.

Get Paid To Type Captcha Codes Entry Jobs

I’ve looked around the internet and found some places that offer work for this category of online jobs. The companies listed below are legitimate and reputable business offers for home workers looking to make some extra cash in their spare time. I like these companies because you can choose how much or how little work you want to do, which means you can work when it’s convenient for you!

These are just a few companies currently hiring home workers interested in captcha entry jobs. All have been thoroughly checked out by myself on previous occasions, so if you’re looking for real opportunities to earn money typing captchas, you should check them out!

Okay, here is the list of companies currently accepting workers for captcha entry jobs. But, of course, they are entirely free to join & work with!

Captcha Entry Job Opportunities – Get Paid To Type Captchas Accounts For Survey Companies

To get started, you need accounts registered at many survey sites before you can start earning money at home by working on captcha entry jobs. There are about 400+ professional paid survey sites today, but only a few allow members to register new accounts using other people’s emails.

This is because most of these companies offer rewards to their members who recommend others to sign up with them as affiliates. I have tried this approach, and it worked for me quite well, which is why I’m recommending it again here.

If you’re interested in trying this, I suggest you give it a try because it’s your best shot at building the foundation of your online business with almost no work involved. Of course, you can’t possibly register an account or two at each survey site that asks for emails, but if it’s okay to use another person’s email address who already has an account registered there, then why not? All you need is their consent to do so, and they’ll be more than willing to let you use their accounts for registration purposes.

That said, here are 100% free paid survey sites where anyone can register new accounts using other people’s emails without any charges or scams involved whatsoever! Enjoy!

Online money-making is increasing, and because of that, there are many sources to work online and get paid.

All types of jobs are available online, which helps you to get extra money. One of the trusted and easiest sources of earning money online is Captcha solving job.

It is a very simple job; anyone can do it easily and get paid. Most people are doing this as a part-time job.

You only need a smartphone or laptop with an internet connection to work for it. It is the basic need to do the work of Captcha solving.

Trusted Captcha Entry Jobs in 2021:

Many websites on the internet are genuine and legit, which pay off from time to time.

The main question is, what is Captcha? Well, a Captcha is a human verification test. It checks whether you are a human or a robot.

The user can make money by solving Captcha online. You can earn around 50 INR to 150 INR for solving around 1000 Captchas. If you work for more, you will get more money.

Let’s talk about the trusted Captcha entry jobs in 2021.

Here we mentioned the list of top Captcha entry job websites on the internet that are genuine and legit, which pay off based on the work. Let’s see.

1. Captcha2Cash:


You visit the website Captcha2Cash at You will get paid by solving Captcha online, and the website Captcha also provides you the data entry work.

Captcha2Cash is a trusted website that pays off based on your work. Captcha2Cash is a hassle-free and easy-to-work job.

To access Captcha2Cash, you will need to download the software of this website Captcha2Cash and signup there. After creating an account on the website Captcha2Cash, you will see the tutorial of the work.

Watch the tutorial and start working. The website Captcha2Cash pays 100 INR for solving 1000 captchas. You can withdraw money through Perfect Money and Payza from the website Captcha2Cash.

There are only two payment options available to withdraw the money. There are many advantages of using the website Captcha2Cash.

It includes the speedy flow of the images, hassle-free work, any-time payment available, multiple images on the same tab, operating multiple accounts at a time, etc.

These are the main advantages of using the website Captcha2Cash. If we get any other updates about the website Captcha2Cash, we will add them here.

2. Captcha Typers:

Captcha Typers

You can access the website Captcha Typers at It is a genuine website. To work with the website Captcha Typers, you have to create an account on the website Captcha Typers and start working.

Captcha Typers is one of the genuine and legit Captcha entry work websites. Many people are working with Captcha Typers and get paid.

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You can also get their admin panel for free. You just have to mail [email protected] to get the admin panel for free.

After sending the mail, you will get a confirmation mail, including your admin panel. Many scammers on the internet provide free admin panels but do not trust them; you only have an official platform.

You can get up to 150 INR for solving 1000 captchas. Four payment methods are available on the website Captcha Typers to withdraw the money.

It includes Neteller, Payaza, Web Money, and Perfect Money. Among the four, Neteller is the best payment method. If we get any other updates about the website Captcha Typers, we will update it here.

3. Kolotibablo


Kolotibablo is one of the popular captcha-solving jobs online. You can visit the website Kolotibablo at

Kolotibablo is a stable job for everyone and everywhere. There are many advantages of using the website Kolotibablo.

It includes stability, liquidity, and accuracy. Kolotibablo is a very old website and one of the trusted websites. They are not planning to go anywhere.

You can track your work and payments with the help of an accurate statistics system. You can instantly withdraw your earned money to various payment systems, and also you will be able to send it to another account.

You can earn around 8000 INR to 16000 INR per month by working with Kolotibablo. There are six payment options available to withdraw the money on Kolotibablo. It includes Bitcoins, Payaza, Litecoins, AdvCash, PayPal, and Yandex Money. If we get any other updates about Kolotibablo, we will add them here.

4. MegaTypers:


MegaTypers is one of the popular captcha-solving websites. It is very easy to use MegaTypers. Anyone can work with MegaTypers.

You can visit MegaTypers at They are looking for typers from around the world. You just have to do it work with MegaTypers, and it only requires a computer with an internet connection.

You will need to type at least 10 words per minute, which is very easy. Their schedules are flexible so that you can work according to your time.

Minimum working hours are one and maximum as you can on MegaTypers. In MegaTypers, you get paid based on your typing speed, which means the quicker you type, the more you will get paid.

The top typers of MegaTypers earn around 100 USD to 250 USD per month. You can get 0.45 USD per 1000 images, and it can go up to 1.5 USD.

It is very easy and reliable. There are many payment options available on MegaTypers to withdraw money. It includes Paypal WebMoney, Payza, Debit Cards, Bank Checks, Perfect Money, and Western Union.

To work with MegaTypers, you must create an account on MegaTypers and start working. If we get any other updates about MegaTypers, we will add them here.

5. 2Captcha:


2Captcha is a very simple captcha-solving website that is legit and pays off based on your work. It is one of the most genuine websites ever.

2Captcha is a popular image recognition website because it increases the chance of your earning. There is no limit to the work.

You can access 2Captcha at It will start from 0.5 USD for 1000 solved captchas. 2Captcha provides home data entry work.

There are many prons of 2Captcha. It includes instant payment, and it is very to start. The rate of 1000 normal captchas is 0.3 USD and 1.01 USD for 1000 ReCaptchas.

The solving should be 10 seconds for normal captchas, and for captchas, it is 21 seconds. 2Captcha takes less than 8 seconds to load two captchas.

There are six payment methods to withdraw the money on 2Captcha. It includes Debit cards, Bitcoin, Payaza, AdvCash, AirTM, and Perfect Money. If we get any other updates about 2Captcha, we will add them here.

6. ProTypers

ProTypers is currently accessible at ProTypers is a genuine website. They do pay but ensure you do not get the account banned.

ProTypers is the best website to do a part-time job. ProTypers is very similar to MegaTypers. Many details of both websites are the same, and both are legitimate.

ProTypers is the best for data entry specialists. You can earn around 15000 INR per month by solving the captchas on ProTypers.

You can join ProTypers from any corner of the world. They are accepting requests from all around the world. You just have to sign up on ProTypers, and fill out the required details.

A beginner can earn around 50 INR, and an experienced can earn around 100 INR for solving 1000 captchas.

A minimum earning is required for the payout on ProTyper. There are many payment methods available on ProTypers to withdraw the earned money.

It includes WebMoney, Debit Cards, Bank Cheques, Perfect Money, Payza, and Western Union. To withdraw the money from Western Union, a minimum payout is required of 7000 INR, and for all other payment methods, it is 200 INR. If we get any other updates about ProTypers, we will add them here.

7. FastTypers


You can visit FastTypers at FastTypers is one of the best captcha-solving websites. FastTypers appreciate the work of their workers.

They pay the workers based on their work, and FastTypers offers the extra money if you work at night – 12 AM to 5 AM.

You can earn around 150 INR for solving 1000 captchas. FastTypers processes the payment on Wednesday or Tuesday.

There are many payment methods available on FastTypers. It includes Perfect Money, Indian Banks Transfer, Web Money, and PayPal.

To work with FastTypers, you will require a minimum of 85% accuracy and solve the captcha within 30 seconds. If we get any updates or news about FastTypers, we will add it here.

8. PixProfit


PixProfit is a captcha-solving website. You can visit PixProfit at By working with PixProfit, you will get the best work-from-home experience.

The registration of PixProfit is now closed. You have to keep an eye on the registration process. It is because they have enough workers.

If you can register PixProfit, you can get extra money compared to other websites. You can get extra money if you work with 95% accuracy.

You will get paid around 150 INR for 1000 images on PixProfit. There are many payment options available on PixProfit.

It includes Paypal, Payza, and Web Money. Along with them, Paypal is the most used and trusted payment option. To work with PixProfit, you have to create an account on PixProfit.

There is a minimum payment rule on PixProfit. You have to pay a minimum of 3 USD on PixProfit. There are also two other payment options. It includes Liberty Reserve and Alert Pay.

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It is a very simple and easy job, and typing is simple. But sometimes, there are difficult captchas that can not be solved easily. You have to be prepared for those types of captchas.

You can get up to 3 USD per hour on PixProfit. PixProfit is a legit website. To work for PixProfit, English alphabet knowledge is required. If we get any other updates about PixProfit, we will add them here.

9. Qlinkgroup


The user can visit Qlinkgroup at To work with Qlinkgroup, you have to download software. The software will support the website Qlinkgroup.

This website will give you the admin panel for free. There are no charges to get an admin panel if you use this website.

Would you please not pay money to anyone who asks you to pay for the admin panel? There is no charge to get the admin panel.

If you work with Qlinkgroup, you will get paid every week. Yes, there is a weekly payout method on Qlinkgroup. It is the best advantage to use Qlinkgroup.

Qlinkgroup includes two words captcha service. The words are case-sensitive. There is a target-based work on Qlinkgroup. You must complete around 800 captchas per week to get the payment.

Qlinkgroup is a genuine and trusted website; you can work with them easily. Qlinkgroup is very easy to use, and the payout is very simple and reliable.

You can get the payment by Payza or Paypal. You have to choose among the two at the time of withdrawing. If we get any other updates about Qlinkgroup, we will add them here.

10. Lionbridge Smart Crowd

Lionbridge Smart Crowd

Lionbridge Smart Crowd is currently accessible at You have to complete the sign-up process to work with Lionbridge Smart Crowd.

There are many job options available on Lionbridge Smart Crowd. Recently, Lionbridge Smart Crowd became part of Lionbridge Virtual Solutions Pattern.

Lionbridge Smart Crowd includes a great payment plan. You can earn around 40 INR for solving 1000 captchas.

There is only one payment option available on Lionbridge Smart Crowd. It includes Paypal. So, make sure that you are using Paypal; if not, then first create an account on Paypal and start working with Lionbridge Smart Crowd.

It is because you can get your earned money only with Paypal. Lionbridge Smart Crowd is a legit platform. It is one of the trusted platforms to earn money online. If we get any other updates about Kibup, we will add them here.

11. Kibup

Kibup is the best platform to earn money online by solving captchas. It is the best-known platform to earn money online.

You can get some extra money by working with Kibup. It is a genuine platform and very easy to use. To work with Kibup, you just have to create an account on Kibup.

And after that, you can start working with Kibup. You can get around 2 USD for 1000 captcha solving. There is only one payment method available on Kibup.

It includes Webmoney. So, you have to make sure that you are using Webmoney or not. If not, create an account on Webmoney because it is the only option to get your earned money.

The best advantage of using Kibup is the payout time. You can get your payment daily. You will receive your payment within 12 hours of the order.

Captchas available on Kibup are case-sensitive. The minimum payout is 5 USD. Kibup offers you the highest rate in Captcha jobs. If we get any other updates about Kibup, we will add them here.

12. Captcha Club:

You can work with Captcha Club to earn more by working online. The user can join as a captcha enter by signing up to the official website of Captcha Club.

You have to choose from different membership forms available there and start working. Captcha Club is an online site that pays the user for typing captchas.

The user can earn up to $100 per month by typing captchas. Captcha Club offers four types of memberships.

It contains standard membership that is available for free. The user can only solve 250 captchas per day in the standard membership.

The second one is the premium membership, which costs $100 monthly. The premium membership will give you many captchas per day to solve, increasing your earnings.

The third one is the Pro membership, which costs $250 per month. The Pro membership will allow the user to solve 320 Captchas daily to earn more.

The fourth and last is Gold membership, which costs $500 per month. The Gold membership allows the user to earn up to $50 daily. If we get any other updates or news about it, we will add them here. So, make sure you check out this website regularly.

FAQs about Captcha Solving Websites:

The trend of captcha-solving jobs is increasing day by day. Because of that, many people are asking about the best job to do online – captcha-solving jobs.

1. Is Captcha Solving Jobs Genuine?

Yes, if you find the genuine platforms we have mentioned above. If you use the above-listed platforms, you will surely get paid.

If you regularly work on those platforms, you can earn a good amount of money. The payout may increase based on the speed and quality of your work.

2. Is Captcha Solving Jobs legal?

Yes, it is totally legal. It is only if you pay the taxes on your income. There are many scammers on the internet.

Many people only do a captcha-solving job and earn a good amount of money. It is because anyone can do this job at any time and anywhere.

You just have to ensure you are working on a trusted and genuine website. It is because so many fake websites do not pay you for your work, and instead of paying, they steal your important details.

Please stay away from that kind of fake website. Use only genuine and trusted websites. Captcha solving jobs are for all the students, mothers, etc.; they can do the job in their free time and earn some extra money.

We have mentioned the highest-paying captcha-solving websites above. They all are legitimate websites, and you can earn decent money with the above-listed websites.

It is totally safe to open and work with them. They will not steal your personal information. Many people worldwide earn more than 200 USD per month with captcha solving work. If we get any other updates about the online captcha-solving websites, we will add them here.

What is a Captcha Entry Job?

A captcha entry job is a type of work that involves manually typing, reading, or listening to the text displayed in a captcha image. The purpose of these captchas is to verify whether you’re a human being and not a robot trying to gain access to websites for malicious purposes such as spamming, data mining or automated hacking, etc.

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Most captcha entry jobs today typically pay their members by the number of captchas they can successfully decipher correctly within a specific timeframe. In other words, you get paid only when you complete your assigned task every time, which makes it different from other home-based employment opportunities.

How To Apply For Captcha Entry Jobs

You must apply with each company hiring workers for this type of work. Some companies employ new applicants immediately, but others may require you to complete a simple test or task before working with them. This is usually to weed out spam applications and filter out serious workers only.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Captcha Entry Jobs?

There’s no such thing as advantages or disadvantages when it comes to this type of work because it all boils down to the motivation that drives you towards success. If your goal is to make as much money as possible, then focus on completing as many tasks every day as you can while at the same time not forgetting about your daily other commitments.

However, if you aim to make some extra income and nothing more, reduce the number of captcha entries you need to do every day and increase the amount of money you earn per task.

What are Different Types of Captchas?

There are many different types of captchas depending on the company hiring workers for this type of work, and some popular ones include:

1. Deciphering Captchas – This is also called AudioCaptcha. You listen to a voice recording containing random alphanumeric characters or words, then type them down on a text box displayed below the audio form.

2. Multiple Choice Captcha – There will be several images in this captcha type, each containing 4-5 choices beneath it. When answering correctly which one out of five belongs in the space given, you get to move on to the following captcha while getting paid for each correct answer.

3. Website Captcha – Here, you will see a simple website like any ordinary website, with one or two mistakes that need to be corrected before you can enter and proceed further.

4. Image Captcha – In this type of captcha test, an image containing four choices will be displayed where you can select your answers from below it by clicking on them using your mouse.

Check out this website daily to read the latest updates and news, and do not forget to add a bookmark to this website. So, make sure you visit this website regularly. Stay tuned for the next update.

FAQs about Captcha Entry Jobs

Do I have to pay anything or give out my credit card details?

No, you won’t have to pay anything at all because no companies hiring workers for these jobs require applicants to buy any software or complete any surveys. Please submit your application and wait for companies to choose you as one of their workers. Then they will provide you with access to the captcha account where you can log in anytime and start working on new tasks.

Are Captchas Legal?

Yes, captchas are 100% legal because each website has the right to protect itself against automated software made for harmful purposes, which most people think when they hear about these tests. However, some say that it violates our right to free speech, but that’s not true at all unless there’s a law prohibiting us from typing random words or phrases into text boxes.

What do I need before signing up for captcha entry jobs?

Each website has its requirements, so whether you have a Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, or Android device, they’ll provide access using any web browser without requiring extra software to download. They only ask that you install Google Chrome Frame on your computer if it’s not already installed on your machine because this free plug-in makes the captcha test appear inside the text box like what you see on the Google search engine when typing in keywords.

How many captcha entry jobs can I do per day?

It all depends on the amount of time you have during your daily routine, together with your computer literacy skills and typing speed. To make more money, work as hard as possible by completing as many tasks every day without sacrificing your other commitments or getting less sleep at night.

How do I know if the captcha test is worth my time?

There’s no such thing as a typical captcha type. Some may take you less than 5 minutes to complete and others much longer. The only way is to sign up for an account, start working on available tasks, and see how long each task takes before concluding.

If I register on several captchas sites, does this affect my earnings in any way?

Yes, it does because if anyone finds out that more than one person is working on the same project, then they’ll immediately terminate your access to stop cheating them. So make sure to be honest when registering with different companies, which means completing your profile information accurately, not scamming the company you are working for by creating multiple accounts or speaking badly about them in forums or chat rooms.

How long will it take for me to learn how to type random words and phrases?

After you sign-up for an account, the company will provide you with training materials that can be viewed online anytime using your computer or smartphone. These training videos are short clips showing you how to do each captcha type without any complicated instructions or complex terms used by most websites accepting these tests.

When should I expect my first payment?

This depends on the company hiring workers, so inquire about this information first before beginning any work. Some companies issue payments daily while others wait till the end of the month to pay all their workers at once. Some companies ask their workers to reach a particular earning before sending out their first payroll.

Is this type of work better than doing online surveys?

Captcha entry jobs and online surveys are very different animals compared to each other because you need two different types of skills to excel in both. Captcha entry jobs are best for those with fast fingers and who don’t mind repeatedly typing random words or phrases before getting paid. In contrast, online surveys are the opposite. It would be best if you had logical thinking and patience to give opinions about specific topics or products, helping companies improve their products or services.