Theodosia Season 2 Release Date, Storyline, Cast Member, and Everything You Need To Know

Theodosia Season 2 Release Date, Storyline, Cast Member, and Everything You Need To Know

Theodosia is one of the Children’s drama series, originally from a novel named Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos, written by a famous author Robin LaFevers. The creators of this series got a successful rating from season 1, which was released on 10th March 2022; And, then after the creators also shared the good news about the renewal of the series, but after the happening news till now, we are not having any updated information about the release date for Theodosia season 2, but it will release shortly.

Thus, this article will provide you with all the essential information about Theodosia season 2, including its IMDb rating, release date, storyline, and much more.

So, first, let’s discuss one of the main things that most people check before watching the series: the IMDb rating of the Theodosia series, which was 6 out of 10. And now, let’s move forward and learn more about Theodosia season 2 from its article. 

Theodosia Season 2 Release Date:

Theodosia is a Children’s fantasy drama series based on a novel named Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos, written by the author Robin LaFevers. The very first season of Theodosia was released on 10th March 2022 with 26 episodes.

And now, after season 1 was released, the makers have already announced the happening of season 2, whose production is still ongoing; so we are not having the exact release date for the upcoming season, but we are expecting that season 2 will arrive by the end of 2023, or by early 2024.

Theodosia Storyline Overview:

We already know that Theodosia is a Children’s drama series based on a novel by a known author, Robin LaFever. The series was then directed by three famous directors: Matt Bloom, Matthias Hoene, and Alex Jacob

Now, let’s talk about the storyline of the series. It is all about an intelligent and supernatural gifted a 14 years old teen girl, Theodosia Throckmorton, a.k.a. Theo, born to an Egyptologist couple named Elisa Doughty and Rik Young. Theo left her town with her brother and a few more friends because they all wanted to live an everyday life. So, they all started living in a very famous Museum of Legends and Antiquities, which was located in London.

But, as the stories progress, all of them struggle somewhere to live because it is not easy for them to live an everyday life after being a part of the Egyptologist artifacts world. So, Thoe, her brother, and two other friends, Safiya and Will, all decided that they were ready to fight the current situation, as they all wanted to live everyday life, go to school and save the world against their enemies. 

Theodosia Season 2 Expected Storyline:

Unfortunately, guys, as we have a very lack of information about Theodosia’s upcoming season, so not able to share any exact plot of the series’ upcoming season.

But we are constantly connected with the official sites of the series and will indeed impart all the latest updates as and when we get them from their official platforms. Till that, you have to wait to know the plot of its upcoming season calmly. 

Theodosia Season 2 Cast Member:

Theodosia is one of the children’s drama series, highly appreciating the younger cast members’ acting skills. Also, the audiences are demanding the same cast members in season 2. But, as the production work is ongoing, we do not have any further news about season 2.

Here, we are sharing the expected list of cast members who will play the crucial role in the upcoming season of the Theodosia series, including;

  • Eloise Little as Theodosia “Theo” Throckmorton
  • Yasmina El-Abd as Safiya
  • Momo Yeung as Miss Krait
  • Frankie Minchella as Henry Throckmorton
  • Nana Agyeman-Bediako as Will Morgan
  • Nahid Leadar as Queen Hatshepsut
  • Elisa Doughty as Henrietta Throckmorton
  • Charlie Cattrall as Yaret the Chief Serpent
  • Estrid Barton as Lady Throckmorton
  • Rik Young as Alistair Throckmorton
  • Anthony J. Abraham as Artie
  • Olivia Barrowclough as Nigella

Other than this, there is a high possibility that the audiences will meet with some of the new faces in its upcoming season.

Theodosia Season 2 List of Episodes:

Theodosia season 1s episodes always have some uniqueness in their episodes; the storyline of each was impressively written by their writers, where you find some own work of the writers and some taken from a comic novel.

Now, if we talk about the list of episodes for season 2, then at the present moment, we are still waiting for updates regarding the same season; but as the production work is ongoing, we are just having the name of episode 1, out of all the other 26. So, season 2, episode 1 is titled “Magic Memories.”

Also, until the release of all the other episode lists, look here at its season 1s episodes lists, along with its titles, and see what you can learn about the plot of each episode.

  • Episode 01: “The Eye of Horus”
  • Episode 02: “The Curse”
  • Episode 03: “The Missing Princess”
  • Episode 04: “An Accidental Odyssey”
  • Episode 05: “The Games People Play”
  • Episode 06: “Cleaning Catastrophe”
  • Episode 07: “The Head of the Snake”
  • Episode 08: “The Sound of Magic”
  • Episode 09: “Double Danger”
  • Episode 10: “The Darkening”
  • Episode 11: “The Pit of Despair”
  • Episode 12: “Wild Child”
  • Episode 13: “The Eye of the Needle”
  • Episode 14: “A Date with Destiny”
  • Episode 15: “Time Waits for Nobody”
  • Episode 16: “The Age of Wisdom”
  • Episode 17: “The Nightmare at the Museum”
  • Episode 18: “The Amazing Will”
  • Episode 19: “The Magic Flute”
  • Episode 20: “An Impossible Choice”
  • Episode 21: “What Big Teeth You Have”
  • Episode 22: “Snake and Ladder”
  • Episode 23: “Mummies Alive!”
  • Episode 24: “In Her Shoes”
  • Episode 25: “Once Bitten”
  • Episode 26: “The Last Sunrise”

Theodosia Season 3 Production Team:

We always know that behind any series’ success is its entire production members’ vast support and hard work. Here we will discuss the team members of the Theodosia series, which was initially taken from the work of a well-known author named Robin LaFevers. 

The series is directed by Matthias Hoene, Matt Bloom, and Alex Jacob. Also, the team members include a few brilliant people who have entirely produced the series, like David Michel, Joe Williams, Leila Smith, Zoe Carrera Allaix, and much more.

Not only that but the series is well associated with the two production companies too, that is ZDF, and the other one is Cottonwood Media.

Theodosia Season 2 Latest Updates (2023):

Theodosia is one of the Children’s drama series based on the novel Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos, written by a famous author Robin LaFevers. The series’ plot is mostly the same as the novel, but the makers have made some changes to make it more interesting.

Also, the series fans highly appreciate Theo’s performance, whose character is played by Eloise Little, just a 14-year-old girl. Not only her, but the audiences were positively spreading their love to every little character who performed superbly in this series.

Now, after season 1, everyone accepts the second season 2, but we do not have any further updates after the renewal announcement of the series for season 2. So we have yet to get any latest information about Theodosia Season 2.

Where to Watch Theodosia Season 2?

The Theodosia series originally has two initially releasing networking sites, HBO Max and the CBBC.

So, you guys can watch the entire series season 1 from any of these two platforms, and you can keep your constant eyes on its official sites to know all the latest updates about the series season 2. 

Theodosia Season 2 Trailer:

The production work of Theodosia season 2 is ongoing, so we have no official updates about the teaser and trailer for Theodosia season 2.

But, not to worry, guys, you can take a re-look at the Theodosia series season 1 trailer, which we have already mentioned above. 

Final Words: 

Theodosia is one of the English-language children’s drama series, initially taken from a novel, Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos, written by author Robin LaFevers. The makes have seriously made this drama series much more favored by adding twists and turns; the child artist performed their role fabulously in these series.

Now, after hearing the happening news of Theodosia season 2, all the audiences were wildly excited to know what would take place in the upcoming season, so here in this article, we are going to share all the latest updates about the forthcoming season of Theodosia, including its releasing date, storyline, cast members, and much more.

Also, we hope you guys enjoy reading our latest articles regarding the upcoming season and series. And, if you still have any doubts after reading our articles, feel free to comment in our website comment section.