“The Crown” on Netflix Tops Global Charts  After Queen Elizabeth II Death

“The Crown” on Netflix Tops Global Charts  After Queen Elizabeth II Death

As of now, the whole world is aware of Queen Elizabeth II’s death and following her death, Netflix’s The Crown has made some top global charts. Not just United States or the United Kingdom but globally, the surge in popularity of The Crown has skyrocketed. 

The Crown Back in Netflix’s Top 10 List

After the Queen’s death, Netflix’s The Crown has seen shocking popularity all over the world. It has made its way back to the Global Top 10 List of Netflix. The series has won many prestigious awards including the Emmys and has become quite popular. 

The viewership of The Crown has increased by more than 800% in the UK over the weekend, followed by Queen Elizabeth II’s death. Moreover, the numbers indicate some surprising skyrocketing figures for the US, France, Australia, and many more regions. The viewership has increased almost four times the past weekend. 

The Crown

The Crown happens to be one of the most specular series that Netflix has made. With so many royal incidents, complicated relationships, and political affairs covered throughout various seasons is a big task. The series covers the life of Queen Elizabeth II before her crowning and life after becoming the Queen. 

Upcoming The Crown Season 5

Viewers are expecting the upcoming release of The Crown Season 5 on Netflix. The series is all set to be released by November 2022. Soon Netflix will be releasing the series and fans will get to see much-awaited incidents described from Queen’s life in the 5th season. 

Shooting on Hold for The Crown Season 6

As a gesture of respect and honor, the currently ongoing filming of The Crown Season 6 has been paused. As informed by the showrunner, they have announced that the shooting schedule has temporarily been suspended and it is their way of respecting Her Majesty the Queen. Fans should note that the upcoming season of The Crown will be the last season.