Tandav Season 2 Release Date – Most Awaited Upcoming Series

Tandav Season 2 Release Date – Most Awaited Upcoming Series

The political India drama is one of the most popular shows in Indian cinema. Indian people very much like the political India Drama.

The Tavdav is one of the political dramas of the Indian state. They are making the political view of the series. Everyone is waiting for that second season of Tandav.

Tandav Season 2 Release Date

In the star cast of tandav, the saif Ali khan and Sunil Grover make the outstanding performance for the series. In the first series, they are creating more and more suspences for season 2.

Controversies About Season 1: Tandav

They are making the suspense and then ending season 1. in the first season of the Tandav, there are only 7 episodes of 1 hour. When the tandav has released, then in the first episode of tandav, the people have made some controversies about the lord shiva.

Some people are making too much controversy about the episode and dialogue of the series. Due to the controversies, some people do not like the first season of the tandav.

Tandav: Season 1 Story and Cast

In the story of the first season, the main and leads actor, saif Ali khan, who is playing the role of Samar Pratap Singh, has killed his father by giving them poison in the wine.

Due to politics, some person is going to know Samar that he has killed his father. Then one phone call changes Samar’s life.

Actually, Samar wants to become the prime minister after killing his dad, but it will not happen in the series. The Samar Pratap Singh can not become prime minister and he forcefully has to hand over the seat of prime minister to his father’s girlfriend’s hand.

However, his father’s girlfriend is also told that Samar will be going take over the seat of prime minister from her hand.

Tandav Season 2: Release Date

During the 7 episodes of the series, Samar is helpless and has to give the seat of prime minister to his father’s girlfriend, and then the same make some investigation against her. And in the end, Samar finds out something really interesting about her and then forces her to leave the seat for him.

She has to do as the Samar said. Otherwise, his truth will revel by Samar, and her political life will end. In the last episode, every viewer thinks that the Samar will hand over the prime minister’s chair, but this is not happing.

Samar is giving his prime minister chair to his uncle. Now, this is the most suspense for the audience that why Samar has not taken the chair?

The producers are confirmed about the second season to release, and they have already started the shooting of the season. The next season of tandav will release on Amazon Prime.