Steven Spielberg announced He is NOT Retiring Anytime Soon! 

Steven Spielberg announced He is NOT Retiring Anytime Soon! 

One of the most acclaimed and iconic directors, Steven Spielberg recently announced that he is not going to retire anytime soon. He also said not to believe any rumors, as he is continuing to work with so many ongoing projects. 

Official Announcement by Steven Spielberg

He debuted his director career by Le Sugarland Express in 1974 and has given so many super hit films. Even after working for almost 50 years, he is not in any mood to slow down, on the contrary, he wants to keep on working with great energy. His 76th birthday is just a few days away and fans were expecting news such as he might be retiring. But he dismissed all such “not working now” rumors. 

Steven Spielberg announced he wants to keep working and he has no plans of slowing down. With such great words, everyone needs to take a look at how hardworking and dedicated one can have from such great personalities. There was an interview by Rolling Stone where he discussed his further plans. He assured fans about continuing his work even after Les Fabelman. 

Most Popular Films

Many films directed by Steven Spielberg have received appreciation from fans across the world. He has been working with so many actors, both young and experienced, and made great movies. Some of his much-loved films include Jaws, Saving Private Ryan, Jurassic Park, and many more. 

Recent Directorial Film Based on his Life

Toronto International Film Festival recently premiered his latest film – Les Fabelman. It is an autobiographical film based on his childhood and more. The lead role is played by Gabriel LaBelle as Sam Fabelman. Though the lead character is said to be a fictional character, it is based on his own life and childhood. Other leading characters include his parents played by Michelle Williams and Paul Dano. Seth Rogen also plays one of the lead roles in the movie.